My Second Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Experience

Hello, Everyone!!! Welcome back, It’s Little Miss Bliss here and I’m sorry this post is soo late but, I have had so much going on lately. So, for those of you just checking in now a recap on what this post is going to be about: My Trip to the Hospital for and Endoscopy & Colonoscopy and, my Surgery Recovery. Even though it is hella late, here I am now and I’m all ready to tell you all about it! A big thank you to everyone that reached out and, helped make the procedure go smoothly for me!

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Cleanse Prep

My Pre-Procedure Bowel Cleanse

Hellooo Everyonee!!! So this post is going to talk about what I had to do to prep for my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, what I experienced, this time vs. The first time I had one, and the symptoms you experience while during the cleanse.

First off, some of you might be wondering what an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy are. Basically, all it is doctors insert tubes through your throat and colon. The tube has a camera which allows the doctors to soo wheat going on throughout my Esophagus, Colon, & Larger Intestine. Most times they take biopsies, but they are mainly used to aid in the diagnosis of internal illnesses. This will be my second Endoscopy/Colonoscopy. Since my first procedure, my life has changed ENTIRELY! I’ve moved out and live with my Boyfriend and I have grown a lot as a person as well. I live further from the hospital than I use to and I have lost a lot of the support in which I thought I had over this last year as well. That doesn’t get me down one bit, though. My life has changed so positively in this past year and I couldn’t be more thankful for the family I have gained.

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