7 Tips for people Coping with a Chronic Illness & 5 Guest Mentions!

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Have you heard of the “Spoon Theory?”

Hello, everyone! I had a bit of nighttime inspiration and wanted to talk to you about something important to me. Some of you might have heard of this and some of you probably think what I’m about to tell you has something to do with cooking. Continue reading

My Second Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Experience

Hello, Everyone!!! Welcome back, It’s Little Miss Bliss here and I’m sorry this post is soo late but, I have had so much going on lately. So, for those of you just checking in now a recap on what this post is going to be about: My Trip to the Hospital for and Endoscopy & Colonoscopy and, my Surgery Recovery. Even though it is hella late, here I am now and I’m all ready to tell you all about it! A big thank you to everyone that reached out and, helped make the procedure go smoothly for me!

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I mix my chocolate milk!!!

imageHello, everyone! I am up and a little bit mobile after my procedure this morning! It was a wild morning and I will have some posts about it coming soon!

One of the things I have been using to help sooth my sore throat after the procedure has been chocolate milk! Not only is it healthy and delicious… Who could say no to chocolate milk!!! However, chocolate milk is really heavy on my stomach which means I have a problem digesting it a trick I do so I can still enjoy chocolate milk is: I mix a little bit of regular milk into my chocolate milk. Not too much that the milk goes really light but, just enough that it is not as thick! I also weirdly enough like to add an ice-cube to my milk. Even a glass of regular milk! I find that it keeps it colder longer!

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Cleanse Prep

My Pre-Procedure Bowel Cleanse

Hellooo Everyonee!!! So this post is going to talk about what I had to do to prep for my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, what I experienced, this time vs. The first time I had one, and the symptoms you experience while during the cleanse.

First off, some of you might be wondering what an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy are. Basically, all it is doctors insert tubes through your throat and colon. The tube has a camera which allows the doctors to soo wheat going on throughout my Esophagus, Colon, & Larger Intestine. Most times they take biopsies, but they are mainly used to aid in the diagnosis of internal illnesses. This will be my second Endoscopy/Colonoscopy. Since my first procedure, my life has changed ENTIRELY! I’ve moved out and live with my Boyfriend and I have grown a lot as a person as well. I live further from the hospital than I use to and I have lost a lot of the support in which I thought I had over this last year as well. That doesn’t get me down one bit, though. My life has changed so positively in this past year and I couldn’t be more thankful for the family I have gained.

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