Personal Analysis


I have never really noticed any scalp problems! I don’t have a history of bad dandruff, but my scalp does get really dry and itchy from time to time.


When I was younger my hair was really thick and curly but as I started getting older I started thinning it and it grew into more of a soft wave rather than curl. I stopped getting it thinned at age 16 and some of the thickness grew back but the curl didn’t come back with it. (Probably from heat styling over time.) At the age 18 I started taking immunosuppressants, long story short they lead to hair loss. So currently my hair is sort of mess in the taming, because of this medication I have to learn how to handle my hair again. It’s a lot more frizzy, and a lot lighter. I find myself straightening in bigger sections.

Hair Color Timeline:

When I was younger I had Dark dark brown hair, almost black! As I got older I put some blonde streaks in my hair.Near the end of Grade 9 I became a lot more experimental with coloring my entire head! The first time I colored my entire head I went Brown with purple a purple undertone but that actually had a very weird take to my hair. After the third wash it was basically a really ugly light brown. Completely disastrous! I colored my hair back to a dark brown quick! Beginning to Mid Grade 11 is the first time I colored my hair after that I went Bright Red! I loved It! I had gotten my hair colored by a Hair color specialist from the Professional Salon brand Matrix and the color was HDRV and she added extra stuff on the ends too! Shortly after that I was unable to get my hands on the brand matrix anymore as my school transferred to Schwarzkopf and the Salon I was at used Joico. For my Graduation I decided something simple and elegant so I had gotten back to back pin streaks of a deep brown and a golden blond It mixed with my extensions perfectly! Soon after that I missed my red hair and decided to color it again and I’ve kept going red the last few times, I let it wash out a lot between colors though so currently It looks brown with a red undertone and blonde streaks!


When it comes to my skin I have always found myself working with both undertones! My skin is light but I burn fairly quick during the spring and summer and the burn turns into a tan within a day or two! In the winter my skin gets really dry especially my legs!


When it comes to my face I have Normal/Combo skin. Most of the acne I have is underlined acne so I’m really thankful for that! My T-zone is really the first thing to get oily! Around my eyes I have some hyper-pigmentation and definitely under eye circles!