Glazed Apple Candle Review!

Picture of Rachel holding the Green Apple Candle Package.

Glazed Apple Candle, The Body Shop

So I am a person who is OBSESSED with candles! I love smelling them in the stores, I love lighting them all around my apartment, I love the feeling that having a lit candle just brings to a room. There is a few pros and cons to this candle from The Body Shop though. What I loved about this candle was the outside packaging, It came in a cute little box with a little bow on top! The Candle itself was in just a regular jar that kind of looked like a drinking glass. ( I almost thought It was a glass of milk one day!) I really expected something fancier. The candle did smell very good it smelled exactly like green apples but it actually burned really weird and sort of burned a little tunnel almost while the rest of the candle wax had been stuck to the sides. I ended up lighting it maybe 3-5 times in total before I decided I would rather not deal with it anymore and I removed the wax from the glass jar. Continue reading