I’ve moved!

Hello everyone. Its been almost a year now since I’ve posted.

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What’s in my Bag? Recovery?

Hello, everyone!

I’m backkk, I know its only been a few days but to me, it feels like forever. I wanted to give you all an update on some things here at Little Miss Bliss.

Recently I had surgery. Some of you more frequent readers might already know this. I am so relieved that it actually happened this time. Continue reading

Boom Chicka Pop


Hey, guys! It’s Rachel here and I hope everyone’s been having a good week so far as we are getting closer and closer to Christmas by the day!!!  I’m feeling like a rant today! But not an angry rant! I just can’t hold off any longer, to talk to all of you about a snack I recently tried, fell in love with and, loved it so much I bought more the EXACT NEXT DAY. I kid you not. Keep reading to find out what my new go to snack will be for the next little while!

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