What’s your favorite snack food to have around?

Hello everyoneeeeee, It’s Spring, Spring is hereeeee!!! It’s a wonderful feeling. I hope you have all been having a wonderful week! I am so happy that so many of you have been checking out my recent post explaining the details of my Giveaway. I am so excited about it ladies, Don’t forget I will be adding things to it right up until the closing date!
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I’m Baccckkk & I’ve Missed You!

timewasted     Hello, everyone. Do you ever sometimes feel that you lose track of time? Or maybe you have found yourself rushing to meet a deadline of an overwhelming project. There is just never enough time in a day anymore and it only gets worse as you get older. It gets crazy and busy and leaves you with no real time to put some attention into the hobbies you love that satisfy your basic human needs. These past few months I have not been able to get a post out because I have just been so consumed with what is going on in my life right now. So many positive things have been happening for me and my family. Unfortunately, that means I haven’t given any time and attention to my Website and Social Media. I had gotten so busy that I even had to stop planning the series I wanted to release in the new year.

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I mix my chocolate milk!!!

imageHello, everyone! I am up and a little bit mobile after my procedure this morning! It was a wild morning and I will have some posts about it coming soon!

One of the things I have been using to help sooth my sore throat after the procedure has been chocolate milk! Not only is it healthy and delicious… Who could say no to chocolate milk!!! However, chocolate milk is really heavy on my stomach which means I have a problem digesting it a trick I do so I can still enjoy chocolate milk is: I mix a little bit of regular milk into my chocolate milk. Not too much that the milk goes really light but, just enough that it is not as thick! I also weirdly enough like to add an ice-cube to my milk. Even a glass of regular milk! I find that it keeps it colder longer!

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GMO Food Industry!

Fruits & Veggies

This post is a response to  discussion board for a College class.

It was titled: “GMO: The Good, The Bad,  The Ugly.” We were suppose to do some research on genetically modified organisms and look at both the pros and cons to Genetically Modifying your food. I personally thought that the consequences this could have were far greater than the positive outcomes anticipated. Continue reading