I’ve moved!

Hello everyone. Its been almost a year now since I’ve posted.

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Tip Tuesday #1

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Very First Tip Tuesday!!!!!

Here at little miss bliss, it’s my goal to share as much of my knowledge with my viewers as I possibly can. I decided a good way to do that might be starting a Tip Tuesday series! Continue reading

May 2017 Empties!

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful month of May. Last month I decided I really want to have more structure to my website. I know life gets in the way. Believe me, I’m the first one to say it. However, I wanted to start branding myself more and showing you all that I really do love being here for you! That being said this will be my Second Empties post but my first Official Monthly Empties Post! Welcome! I have some great products that I finished up last month to tell you about in today’s post! Continue reading


Hello, everyone. How was your Easter? I hope the Easter bunny was good to you and brought you tons of happiness and chocolate. I have started creating my own family traditions as I learn and grow as a person and it been great learning about myself. Continue reading