Holy Grail Alert!!! Self-Esteem Boost in a Bottle!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! It’s the Fall season and I’m so excited for that! Unfortunately, it’s been a rough week and start of the season as some extended family is not doing too well but, I am doing my best to stay positive through it all! It’s about time I get another post up for you guys and this week I wanted to talk about one of my HOLY GRAIL products!!! Yes, indeed this product is one of my HOLY GRAIL beauty products, it’s one of the most common things I pull for when I’m in a rush! But first let me ask you guys, what makes a “holy grail” product a HOLY GRAIL product for you? Is it how much Continue reading

NAKED or NOT? Shampoo & Conditioner

Naked Shampoo & Conditioner, Herbal Essences

Hello Ladies, I know it’s been a while I’m very sorry but it’s been an extremely busy week for me! I’ve worked on a post all week that was supposed to come out yesterday but It’s not exactly how I want it just yet so I’m gonna post about the Naked Shampoo & Conditioner since I have just finished the duo up!

So this product was sent to me through Bzzagent a program. No This Review of the product isn’t through a sponsorship or anything. They probably don’t even know I’m writing this post. Having said that anything I only give a 100% honest opinion anyways though so! Back to business, though.

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7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

* 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty *

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to get another post up now for a few days and I stumbled upon the “ 7 Deadly Sins tag.” I decided I really wanted to post this for you guys! Let me know what you think and if you love any of the same products I do! If you would Like to be tagged email me at asklittlemissbliss6@gmail.com

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Herbal Essences naked Dry Shampoo

Hey everyone, for this post I wanted to talk about the Herbal Essences “naked” line Dry Shampoo! I’ll have to admit I was not really impressed with this product at all which sucks. When I pull for a dry shampoo I use it on days when my hair is really flat or looks a little more oily than normal; as the products intended for. I got maybe 3/4 uses out of this product before coming to a conclusion.

Naked Dry Shampoo

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