Inspirational Quote & Announcement Post

Hello everyone. In my attempts to keep strongly active this month, I have had to cut back somewhere near the middle as some things popped up I needed to tend to. Next Month Is definitely going to be a bit better, As I have already started getting back into the flow.

For today’s post, I wanted to keep it simple and share a few inspirational photos that I have found this month and really liked.  I also have an announcement to make at the end about my giveaway!






I  thought all of these were super cute, fun, girly and inspiring! nowww, for that big announcement! I have finally met one of the goals I set for my website. This has been so Exciting! It has been my intention to start posting on social media more, to start engaging with my amazing viewers more and to start growing my audience. Both my Instagram and Twitter accounts have finally reached 1000 followers so that means I have closed one of my giveaways and now I am announcing THE WINNER.

The Winner of my “Beauty Lovers Giveaway” is the Lovely Gal from my Instagram, Ariel! I have already contacted the winner to confirm everything and I will be doing a little update on it soon!

Thank you so much, everyone, for all of the love I have been receiving here on my website. It really means so much to me! Don’t forget to check out some of my latest posts to see what I have been up too!

Thanks for stopping @ Little Miss Bliss!


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