What’s in my Bag? Recovery?

Hello, everyone!

I’m backkk, I know its only been a few days but to me, it feels like forever. I wanted to give you all an update on some things here at Little Miss Bliss.

Recently I had surgery. Some of you more frequent readers might already know this. I am so relieved that it actually happened this time.

The rate at which things were going I was so worried I would be turned away again for reasons beyond my control. However, the doctor was not running as far behind schedule this time so I just had to incur the everlasting waiting and the overzealous Nurses. After waiting almost exactly the same amount of time as the first time, I had finally been called in. It wasn’t the same nurse as the first time which made me a lot more comfortable. I had no problems with my boyfriend coming in this time as I did the first. The entire appointment had been going goood up until the part where she had to prick my veins!

Now you’re probably thinking I’m not good with needles or blood or something but that’s, not the case. Through having had bloodwork done so many times, and after having as many IV’s as I have, I actually have become quite tolerant of the little pinch. In fact, I sit there and watch dead on to make sure the doctors not doing anything out of the norm and everything goes smoothly. I almost always warn the Nurse that there is a very strong chance she will need to play around to find the right vein. If the nurse didnt have any problems with my veins than I wouldn’t have had another encounter with the nurse that had made me so uncomfortable the previous visit. Oh well, that’s in the past now. The doctor and aneshtiologist had come in to speak with us and after speaking with them my hubby and I both felt more comfortable and hopeful that I would be having the surgery.

20170606_133217_HDRAfter all of the stress and waiting, finally, the surgery was going to happen. It was time for my and my hubby to go our separate ways as he couldn’t come into the O.R. With me. I gave the nurse my bag to put in a locker, another nurse handed me the Saline solution that was hooked into my IV with carrying instructions and off we went to the Operating Room.

In the operating room, there were some last minute things they had done. They had stuck some sticky pads to my chest. These were hooked up to monitors. They also added an arm attachment to the surgical bed for the arm they had hooked up to the little heart rate monitor as well. They had a nurse holding an oxygen mask over my face and then the anesthesiologist was suddenly telling me to go to my happy place and he would see me when I woke up. Apparently I woke up perfectly fine right when I was supposed to at the end of my surgery but I don’t remember that one bit. The second time I woke up I was in the PACU where a nice little nurse was monitoring my heart rate and a bunch of other vitals. I had asked her how the surgery went and that when she had informed me I had woken up right afterwards like I was supposed to. For some reason I was superrr chatty after waking up. I personally found this weird. I thought I would be more… tired. I told her she needs to make sure she lets my hubby know it went well and ill be ready to go home soon. When I woke up all I really wanted was my Hubby and to come home to my bed. Before I knew it I was done it the PACU and released to the Same Day Surgery unit.

Once I arrived in the SDS Unit I had to wait at least an hour still before I was able to go home. I kept asking to make sure someone told my hubby but I ended up calling him when the nurse had brought me my bag. I was given some T3 for the pain but i ended up throwing that up within 5 minutes. I threw up again shortly after that. They administered some Gravol through my IV and it helped settle my tummy. Suddenly I looked up and in came my Hubby ❤ I was so happy to see him. It was literally one of the happiest moments ever. I’m so thankful to know he will be there for me through such serious parts of our relationship. He came in and gave me a big kiss and told me how beautiful I was (even after surgery, awhhh.) He chatted with the nurse for a few minutes to see what extra care info there was for when he took me home. After that she went and got me a wheelchair. Dylan helped me up and out of the bed and back into my clothes so that we could go home. He helped me into the wheelchair and put my bag in my lap for me and off we went. I would soon be at my home sweet home! Silly us, we made the same mistake as we did the first time when exiting. We went in the complete opposite direction. Sooo funny…. we realised and turned around.

My body felt so drained that even by the time we were home I still needed help getting inside and around my house. I needed my hubby’s help getting upstairs to the bathroom and to bed shortly afterward. Because I had to fast I was super hungry and craving some hot dogs. I’m super picky so my hubby put some on the barbecue for me because that’s really the only way one should have hot dogs, I got some food in my tummy and then he helped me back upstairs to bed. I totally didn’t take into consideration that I wouldn’t be able to sleep on my right side until after I attempted to and failed hard.

Since I have been home the recovery has been going well. I hate taking medicine so taking these T3’s really bugs me. I don’t ever take as many as prescribed, I usually take a lot less that what I am told just because I don’t like putting all of the chemicals and pills in my body. This time around however it was different. The wound was in a great amount of pain which forced me to take the proper amount of prescribed pain meds. Even though I have been guzzling down what seems like gallons of water with them, currently I’m painfully constipated. I guess I should have remembered that T3’s do indeed constipate you and it would have been very smart of me to pre-emptively take my stool relaxer in hopes of avoiding this. Sadly it slipped my mind and my pooper isn’t having a party. On the bright side its been healing now for a few days, (my surgery wound, lol.) The swelling on the wound has started to go down as well as my fever. It looks like it wont bruise too badly either so that’s great since it’s on the side of my head. I was given dissolvable stitches too so they are on the inside and I don’t have to worry about them being too visible. I’m sure I will be back to my regular self in no time. I see my doctor again in a month to check on how the wound healed and to receive the biopsy results.

So, what was in my surgery Bag?

You never know how long you’re going to be waiting but at the same time you know you might be waiting a while. Personally, in those situations, I like to be prepared with something to do. In my bag, you can place bets on the fact that I had a notebook and pen in there. As well as something to do I needed to bring an extra pair of clothing just incases. I needed to bring my bathrobe which was much comfier than the ones they have at the hospitals! I brought my phone charger for after my surgery or before, just incase my phone died. It likes to do that on me.Of course, I bought my health card. I needed it to check in for my surgery. I also had my glasses, eye drops and nasal spray incase they were needed when I woke up. Lastly, I had some slippers so my feet were cozy and comfy. The first time I packed for this surgery I had a few more things like deodorant and the surgery documents from the previous date. I realized some of those things weren’t really necessary and decided to not bring them the second time around.


That’s really all I had to talk about in todays post. I wanted to update everyone on how my surgery went and how I have been recovering because I know some of my viewers really wanted to know how everything went. I feel the more I just rest and sleep the better I feel. All of this rest has given me time to catch up one some shows and I also started a new show on Nexflix which I should think about adding to my previous netflix post. The show is called Girlbosses and it’s pretty great. Somehow though I have felt physically drained the last few days I feel so mentaly alert. I brainstormed some great posts I have coming up for everyone so stay tuned to see what the summer months willl bring! I am super excited and I cant wait to be back to full health and posting regularly. Thank you everyone for checking out my post to see how my recovery has been going. What do you bring in your Hospital Bag?hot


What did you think?

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