7 Tips for people Coping with a Chronic Illness & 5 Guest Mentions!

Hello, everyone. So as a part of my goal to make my Website a more structured place, I want to start talking more about Crohns Disease.

It is something I have lived with almost my entire life. I had always thought it was since 7/8 years old that the problems had started but after getting my hands on my medical file, I have recently uncovered that the problems started occurring at the age of 6. After spending my childhood in and out of the hospital, seeing countless doctors and taking unnecessary blood tests multiple times The doctors still had no answer for my problems. Finally when I was 17 things took a turn for even worse my childhood experiences and I had gone and begged my doctor for a referral to a gastro.

Remember how I said I got my hands on my medical records? Well, I also uncovered that the doctor I had seen on the day I had requested a gastro had made some not to professional comments on my charts. Something along the lines making sure to not over-medicalize me as he feels I may want to play the sick card based on his interactions about my GI symptoms… WEIRD because not too long after, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

While I’m venting, I might as well tell you about another way I feel the Canadian healthcare system is lacking. While receiving the results of my Second Endoscopy & Colonoscopy, they failed to inform me of a Hiatal Hernia they found, as well as the results that I have Chronic Gastritis. Sweet… that’s definitely something to slack on telling your patient.

Speaking of my diagnosis, I want to talk a little bit about how receiving the diagnosis of Crohns’s Disease changed my life. It’s like.

I kind of always knew I had some gastrointestinal issues but once there was finally a label on it, and a serious one… it all became so real. Dietary and Physical Restrictions, Answers to problems outside of my GI tract slowly started to piece themselves together. Why do my joints and muscles ALWAYS HURT? What are there bumps in my mouth? I have Anxiety and Depression which has been impacted greatly by this disease. I started going through these stages of emotions and I still go through them from time to time. Not to mention I was practically alone. I had no real support system at the time of my diagnosis so it all came crashing down on me very hard.

I wasn’t at a part in my life where I was able to make my health a priority. I was under too much stress, I was in too many unhealthy relationships with friends, family etc. I had poor eating habits which had a negative effect on my health but when my parents weren’t letting me in the kitchen past 10 pm and I wasn’t getting home from work until 12/12:30… Binge eating and take out was my only option.

I didn’t start finding relief and start feeling better until I had started dating my boyfriend Dylan. He has been so helpful, caring, and just truly amazing the entire time we have been together. We had known each other for 7 years prior but when we first started dating 2 years ago (our 2 year anniversary is next month!)  it was time to tell him the displeasing truth about the illness I had just been diagnosed with not too long ago.

He didn’t mind one bit and has taken care of me ever since. My Hero, ❤ Once I moved in with him I got into a more regular routine for eating, I stopped eating as much take out unless I was having a flare up, my stress was practically cut down by 70%. I started feeling a lot better and I started losing weight landing myself within my BMI and at a weight that I am content with mentally as well.

The following are some ways to help cope with being diagnosed with Crohns Disease or any Chronic Illness really.

  1. First things first, Never Ignore your Diagnosis.
    Ignoring your diagnosis will only prolong the amount of time it takes you to get on track and back to optimum health. It’s hard to deal with yes but, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.
  2. Get a Tracking Journal.
    Many people refer to it as a food journal but I personally do not. The reason for that is because I track many things besides just what I eat during the day. Some things I also like to keep track of is the how well I slept the night before, how much water is taking in that day, How much energy I have throughout the day. My life has been impacted in such a way that I’d be going crazy if it weren’t for having found the “Spoon Theory” shortly after my diagnosis. Because I only have so many spoons a day now, I also keep a list of the household chores and website tasks I would like to accomplish daily as well! Having it all together makes it really easy to keep track of things.
  3. Educate yourself.
    Knowledge is truly power when it comes to your health. The more and more I found out about my illness, the better I started feeling and the more I was able to take control of my disease.
  4. Find Support.
    Having people who truly care for you and understand that your going through a rough time in your life are great to have around. Being around negative, depressing, people will keep you in a bad state of mind and you won’t ever be able to feel relief. Sometimes seeing a Therapist really helps as well as it takes a big toll on a personals mental health. I didn’t really have anyone until my Hubby!
  5. Find the small things you love in life.
    One of the ways I was really hurt by my diagnosis was realizing how much it impacted my physical strength and ability. I started isolating myself and only talked to my few very close friends at the time. I gave up my Dream Career. I gave up on things that made my happy and hopeful. Since coming to the realization of that I have learned that it’s important to find the little things in each day that make you happy. They are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes 😊
  6. Manage your Stress in a Healthy way.
    Stress for me personally is one of my biggest triggers. Finding ways to manage my stress has been one of the toughest things for me but I have been getting the hang of it so far. If you have a Chronic Illness, try finding a Zen Zone!
  7. Set realistic, Short Term Goals.
    So this one kinda goes with finding the small things you love. When you start going through stages of depression, fear, and isolation you might start feeling less capable, more hopeless. One of the many small things I love to do is just simply going for a walk. Sometimes I am unable to find the energy to go far but still, it is on my list of goals. Short, Realistic and let’s face it who doesn’t love some fresh air.

With the goal In mind to expand Crohn’s Disease Awareness through sharing more of my personal experiences with you all. I wanted to see what other Crohny’s out there had been talking about. What had their experiences been like? Some of the Crohn’s Disease Website Owners I Instantly fell in love with are the Following Ladies:

Jenni’s Guts: I haven’t surfed through her website too much but after reading her post titled “I’m Different” I instantly fell in love with her writing!

Inflamed and Untamed: This Gal’s story is Truely inspiring. I can’t wait to hear more from her!

The Stolen Colon: I think the name of this awesome lady’s website is soo creative. If you know a thing or two about Crohn’s Disease then you’ll probably think its awesome too!

Lights Camera Crohn’s: Right away I loved that she was using the same WordPress theme as me! Her web site’s organization and professionalism is something I love but not as much as her positive outlook on life and her willingness to spread the word about Cron”s Disease.

Sweetened by Nature: I love her outlook on Natural Health and Positivity!

These ladies are all so amazing and inspiring and I wish them all the best in their battles against this Disease. I will definitely be frequenting your websites from now on. Thank you to everyone who came and viewed this post! I am so happy I get to use my website as an outlet to talk to you all about Crohn’s Disease and how it has affected my life personally.

Even though This is my first month of action-packed organization here at Little Miss Bliss I will be having surgery tomorrow and probably won’t be posting for a few days while I am super sleepy and recovering. In the meantime, I have some awesome posts that I have recently put up that would love some love! Check out my First ever Fashion Haul (So many great outfits!!!) my May Empties, or even my Giveaways!!! Thank you so much to everyone Who comes to visit my website. Have a great week everyone ❤



5 thoughts on “7 Tips for people Coping with a Chronic Illness & 5 Guest Mentions!

    • littlemissblissblog says:

      You’re very welcome hun! Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoy my website so much! Have you also checked out my article on the spoon theory? Its great for anyone battleing a chronic condition 💪❤ have a great day hun! Positivity is key 🔑


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