June 2017 Monthly Goals!

Hello, everyone!!! What a beautiful day it is here in I have my windows open, the smell of fresh air is filling my house and the inspiration is flowing. I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to make my blog a more structural place so I am no posting randomly five times one month than only twice the next. I need more consistency and I’m sure you guys would enjoy that too. In order for you all to get to know me a little better at the same time, I have decided I would like to incorporate a monthly goals post to share with my viewers the goals I have for this month (obvi) and just some ideas I have been considering for both my blog and personal life.

So, I know I probably sound repetitive now but my first goal for this month is to get my website more organized and structured. There are a few different ways I am achieving this. I have created a 3-month blog plan full some ideas on posts to look forward to and star composing in my down time. I am taking suggestions and requests so if there is anything you are really hoping to see from me, and you really wanna see it soo too, let me know in the comment section and I will see how I can incorporate it.

This one isn’t really a goal rather, something that’s happening this month. The surgery I was supposed to have at the end of last month was canceled and I rescheduled it for this month sometime so I will be having surgery this month instead. I’m feeling a lot more nervous going into it the second time as they already canceled it on me the first time. The problem is acting up and I can’t put off the surgery any longer so if they cancel on me again this time I’m going to be devastated even more. This is so stressful. Good job Canadian Healthcare…

I went shopping with my friend again and picked up some more great clothing pieces! I am going to try and do another Haul post sometime this month. I got sooo many views on my First one! I know my friend would like to do this one with me so I will be featuring her in that post. We are both quite busy so it will all depend on when we can find time to get together and do it! In the meantime, I will be thinking of the cutest outfits I can put together and a wishlist of items I would lovee to help complete certain outfits!

A lot of you might not know this about me but I have been trying to upgrade my English credit from Grade 12. I’m doing this through a booklet course and I have a few reasons for doing it. Mainly though, because when I do decide to go back to college for a 3d time, Grade 12 English is the most commonly needed pre-requisite. I had a rough year during grade 12 and was unable to achieve the best mark I knew I could in this class. Even though I have clearly graduated I still feel that it would do me some good to update this credit. I have been stuck on this one assignment I have been given. Completely stumped. Which is weird for me because I need to write a short story. It’s weird because you think that would be easy with how much I talk and ramble but it’s not. I am having the hardest time thinking of something to write about. My Hubby gave me a great idea so this month I am going to try it out. See how far I get with that story. I have been stuck on this part now for maybe 3 months. It’s crazy and unnecessary.I really hope I finish sometime this month. It’s something I want to type up and share with my viewers too.

It feels like I have so many goals for this month. It’s starting to get overwhelming with all of my current stress. I only have a few more goals to achieve this month and they are pretty easy. I have a walk in closet which I lovee. It’s not as amazing as the one I designed for my Fantasy Walk In Closet, but it’s more that I could have imagined possible for what I have been through and come from. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful master bedroom. I have two goals surrounding my closet this month both of which I have already started working on. I plan on organizing and cleaning out my closet and wardrobe. I want to take my donations to the popular local store for good condition second-hand clothing, Plato’s Closet. I have literally 5 or 6 reusable grocery bags full of clothing I am hoping they will take! This is the second goal which goes hand in hand with the first one as it will be a big part in decluttering my closet. I cant wait to have my wardrobe all organized and full of clothing I can’t wait to wear.

Last but not least I want to try something now this month. I have been loving these Chocolate Coconut Haystacks I get from the new local health foods store in my city, Natures Emporium. If you haven’t seen my post on them then you should definitely check it out. My goal here is to make my own Chocolate coconut haystacks at home! I have always heard they are super easy to make so once I get myself into the routine I would like to be in. then I will find some time during my day to test those out!

That’s it for this months goal and what happens this month. Thank you, everyone, for coming to check it out! The month of May was my best month EVER!!! I had broken a few records and achieved my highest amount of views ever not once but TWICE during the month of May. That is so encouraging and I am so glad to see so many people from all over the world are interested in what I have to say. I have had viewers from places in the world I haven’t even heard of and I love when this happens. I go and google it for a quick few minutes sometimes and I am so surprised to see how far I reach. This internet contraception they came up with is surely a powerful thing. Now that I have rambled a little bit I guess ill take some time to remind you all about my new Giveaways page. I recently set this up so that my giveaway wasn’t as confusing for everyone! I have some great items there for everyone to try and win so make sure you head on over and check it out! Thanks so much everyone! Until my next post ❤


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