May 2017 Empties!

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful month of May. Last month I decided I really want to have more structure to my website. I know life gets in the way. Believe me, I’m the first one to say it. However, I wanted to start branding myself more and showing you all that I really do love being here for you! That being said this will be my Second Empties post but my first Official Monthly Empties Post! Welcome! I have some great products that I finished up last month to tell you about in today’s post!

So, as some of you may know I live with my Hubby. We have a house together and with that comes many different responsibilities. We are lucky enough to have a dishwasher which helps take a load off some of the household duties. Now that we live on our own it has opened up my eyes to all of the household purchases there are to be made. It’s quite exciting. You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. During the month of May, I ran out of my dishwasher tabs. Now, My goal here is to give my opinion on products, to inform my viewers on my experience with each product. I want people to know what their purchasing.

The Dishwasher tablets we were using last month were the Cascade tablets with  6 times the power of Dawn. Unfortunately, I’m sad to say my experience with them was not good. The product claims that it powers away greasy residue for sparkling dishes. However, I consistently found that there was a film left on my dishes and I was rewashing almost half of each and every load. Howwww much water does that waste. It made me so angry. Not to mention I consistently found the tablets at the bottom of my dishwasher not even completely dissolved. I just knowwww none of those loads were clean. This is a pretty popular product among family households so when I purchased these I was really expecting more.  I definitely think that this product doesn’t hold up to its claims.

The next product I ran out of this month again isn’t really a normal product you see in empties posts but, I’m not normal by any means sooo. Ohkay. I feel that something that is really important is oral health. I don’t think enough people know just how important it is or, how much your oral health can affect your overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Having said that I have an oral care routine and I think it’s very important for everyone to have one. It should include Flossing, Brushing, and Rinsing. I have three oral care products to tell you about.

The first thing I ran out of was my floss. I’m pretty happy that I finished this one up because I wasn’t liking the quality of the floss. I was using the Oral-B Complete Floss Satintape. I am soooo excited to be out of this. I hated using it with every inch of my being. its one of my biggest regrets. I remember the day I bought it, I was looking at two different flosses. I regret purchasing the one I did so much that since we ran out in the middle of the month I had gone back and the second one I was originally looking at and its amazinggg!!!! Its so good its almost as good as the one my dentist has, It feels exactly like hers at the very least. None the less I need to make sure I tell you why I don’t like the first one I purchased not how much I loveee the second one.

Oral-B Complete Floss Satin Take claims to have a silky, ribbon-like texture. I don’t feel like it has a ribbon texture to it. It feels more like string. When I use this floss I am not supposed to feel it tearing and shredding. It was very uncomfortable to even think of using. It would get caught on my teeth very consistently, which is what caused it to shred so much. You couldn’t go too far down between each tooth without it cutting your gum lines a bit either. This is not a product I will be purchasing again ever. If you think oral hygiene is super important than stay tuned for my post I literally just thought of where I will compare the two types of flosses I have been talking about.

The next Oral Care Product I ran out of this month was my Mouth Wash. I like to use mouthwash not only after I brush my teeth but also randomly whenever I feel my mouth needs a little freshening up. My favorite mouthwash to use is the Listerine Total Care Clean Mint or as I usually refer to is, Listerine, the Purple one! I’m pleased to say that this isn’t something I was disappointed with, in fact, this is a consistent repeat purchase of ours. You can bet money that I already had another bottle of this ready to go. This product claims that it is a multi-benefit mouthwash that works in 6 different ways to give us a healthier mouth. Those ways are”: preventing cavities, restoring minerals to our enamel, strengthening our teeth, killing bad breath germs, freshening your breath, and it is said to fighting unsightly plaque above the gums too.

This product does have some alcohol content but you do see that happening with many types of mouthwash. I personally feel that this is the only mouthwash that works for what it is intended for. It burns your mouth a tiny bit but to me, that means my mouthwash is actually working so I don’t mind that one bit. The taste is bearable which is good because some mouthwashes taste more like minty cough syrup. Yuck!!! It leaves my mouth feeling fresh for about 30minutes to an hour after using it. I definitely recommend at least trying this product if you value your dental hygiene.

So the last Dental product I want to tell you all about isn’t exactly a product I used up, rather than a product I purchased and tried during the month of May and was not satisfied with the outcome. It’s less complicated than it sounds reallllyyy. Last month I tried a new toothbrush and I just didn’t like it. I used it for 2 weeks consistently and came to the conclusion that it’s not all its cracked up to be.

Now, I have used quite a few different brands of toothbrushes and I have tried both types, manual and battery powered. I have found the perfect brush for my teeth, PERFECT! Butt, sadly to say, it isn’t this toothbrush. I tried the Oral B 3D White Luxe Toothbrush and wasn’t impressed. Some of the claims the products make are that it has an outstanding gentle clean, removing 93% more plaque in harder to reach places 34% more along the gumline. The toothbrush is supposed to adjust to the unique contours of our mouth, teeth, and gums to help itself work gently on enamel and our gums. I wish I could say I liked this toothbrush because all of that sounds really swell. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel the same about it.

Taking into consideration that I do have a small mouth because I am a small girl I don’t feel that the toothbrush was able to adjust to my unique mouth. I feel that the toothbrush was not gentle at all and was soo hard to use. The bristles were very very stiff when they were supposed to be soft. Anybody with sensitive teeth knows that’s a recipe for a nightmare. I was expecting it to be more flexible, soft, gentle, even a little malleable. I guess I set the bar a little too high for this one. I threw it out right after the two weeks was up but it I wasn’t trying to be observant of them for this reason I would have literally thrown them out on day three. Another waste of money you guys.


So this month I also ran out of my favorite toner by Neutrogena Stress control line. It’s part of my skin care line that I have been suing for about 3-5 years now. I use to only be able to find it in the states when I went so I would literally stock up when I went and buy 10 bottles at a time (I didn’t go too often.) It’s always a sad day when I run out of one of these items but I have actually found 2 stores up here in the North that sells it! The Neutrogena Acne Stress control Tripple Action Toner is part of the only line I have ever used that actually works and clears up my acne. I won’t blab too much to you about why I love this product too much because I am working on doing a skincare routine post but If you come across this item I definitely recommend you purchase it or anyone from its line. There is really only one way I know how to use toner and that is on your face but, I use it pretty frequently, at least a couple of times a day and the bottle lasts me a long time. You only need the tiniest amount, it’s perfect. I just squirt some in my CLEAN hands and slather it onto my face. It dries fairly quickly!

Right at the end of the month, I ran out of these next two items and I was soo not prepared to see these ones go. They are my Essence Lash Princess Mascara and my body lotion from Bath & Body Works. I absolutely love both of these items so much.first I start with the body lotion because it’s a bit shorter. The lotion was part of Bath and Body Works Signature Collection in the scent “Malibu Heart.” It’s taken me a few year to use this on up because I had had to stray from scented lotions for a while but I finally started using this one again a little while ago and I’m so sad to see it go. It literally smells like Malibu. Like I need to vacation there. I honestly don’t even think they make this scent anymore which is one of the worst feelings ever. This body lotion in particular claims to have a few great benefits such as being fortified with powerful ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil for quick absorption and protective Vitamin E which also helps hydrate the skin and keep it hydrated all day. The company claims that the product is non-greasy which I can agree with that 100 %. It’s absolutely amazing. It absorbs really fast, doesn’t look or feel greasy and on the days that I use this even though it is scented, it still leaves my skin feeling very healthy, smooth and nourished. This is definitely something I wish I could purchase again as it lives up to its claims 100 % while having a smell I will desire for the rest of my life now.

Ohkay so the other product I ran out of right at the end of the month was the Essence Lash Princess Mascara. Before I go any further, I never knew that when I purchased this product that It would soon become my absolute favorite Mascara to use. It has taken over my Mascara Cocktail completely because I can use Just this mascara or add in a few others if it’s necessary for that day! In fact, while writing this it dawned on me that I should really label this as a HOLY GRAI product. So, the company advertises that the brushes conic shape and unique fibers are supposed to provide length and volume along with giving you the false lash effect. It does a pretty swell job, everyone. This one is a winner. I was unaware that there was a sister mascara in pink so one day maybe ill try that too! I feel like its worth it. Essence is the new brand that hs landed itself in Shoppers Drugmart. I am glad that my experience with their mascara went so well as it was the first product I tried from them. I definitely want to try more and I definitely need to pick up a new tube of this!

This is the last item I ran out of last month, maybe this counts as two, I’m not sure. It’s a set so in my books it’s one item. What I’m talking about are Shampoo and Conditioner. I ran out of my Clear, Damage and Color Repair set. So sad to see these ones go. As you can tell from my previous Empties post I enjoy using the Clear brand. I find it super hydrating and nourishing. This Damage and Color Repair set is designed to do a few things from taking you hair from lacking luster to totally luscious while the product is formulated to restore the scalp’s natural moisture barrier. The company says that in their formula they included berry extracts which are a great antioxidant and are said to promote a healthy scalp and aid in damage protection. I had purchased a ton of these shampoos and conditioners a few years ago when I had received some coupons and when I went online to check out their website and other consumer reviews everyone was saying that the product had really changed and wasn’t as good as the original formula. I wish I could weigh in on that but I currently have not tried the newer formula everyone’s talking about. I did have a pleasant experience with the product though and I think its worth a shot trying this “newer formula.” Until I do so I don’t have a recommendation on this product, just satisfaction to share.

So that is everything I used up last month and remembered to put aside! I know there wasn’t too many beauty products in this one but there will be plenty more of these in the future!I hope you all enjoyed this post and hearing about why I did or did not enjoy these products. As long as someone is able to find something useful on here then I’m happy. 😊 That’s my goal. Speaking of goals, That will be my next post. As I mentioned earlier, this month I am aiming to get my website on a more structured schedule as opposed to just randomly posting. You will definitely still be getting random posts from me but I feel that it would be nice to have a consistent type of post for everyone to look forward to each month like this empties post or a look of the day post. Let me know what kind of posts you would like to start seeing here at Little Miss Bliss!

Don’t forget to head on over and check out my Recent Fashion Haul and my NEW Giveaways Page! Thanks, everyone.


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