How could this happen?!?!

Hello, everyone! For Today’s post, I need to get my feelings about something off my chest. I did have a much longer post in mind as I was going to show you all the goodies I purchased during my last shopping trip but I am still working on editing the photos for that so I will get this out to you guys before it feels too late.

Do you ever plan really hard for something? It’s really serious too like it involves your health. And you have anxiety already so your stressed and anxious to the max for this. All you simply want is for this one thing to go well. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might already know what I am talking about. Well, that was me on Thursday and no matter how prepared I was for a very important surgery I was supposed to have, it just wasn’t in my destiny to go under the knife on that particular day I guess.

When I say, I had everything planned and ready to go I mean I was prepared! I have lost a ton of weight since the last time I had had this surgery so I needed to go shopping for a few things. It has been so long since I had really bought anything so I picked up a bunch of things I needed now that summer is coming! stay tuned for my upcoming Haul post!!!

So, like I had said I had everything ready I had even made sure I purchased a bathrobe and new set of comfy pajamas’. I was 100% ready. We arrived at the hospital about 20minutes early and the first check in went smooth. I waited about 5 minutes before I was triaged and sent to same day surgery for preparation. For my surgery, I was told to arrive 2 hours early and I was there with more than enough time to spare. Still, for some reason, I ended up waiting over 50 minutes before getting called in to see the nurse. A total of 5 people arrived after me all of which had been taken in before me. Which was extremely weird to me since I had gone up to the desk and questioned what had been happening a couple of times. The lady had even told me I was the next person that was going to be called in. then they called another person. WHAT’S GOING ON!?!?

For some reason, they tried to stop my husband from coming in the room with me even after I had requested his presence several times to make me more comfortable. people don’t ever understand how much he is there for me and comforts me. He is my rock and is there for me for everything. After finally making it past questioning I had been given my surgical gown to put on, been put in the next room and was told to change and I would be seeing the anesthesiologist next to prepare me for surgery.

My surgery was supposed to start at 2 pm. By 2:30 I still hadn’t seen the anesthesiologist. At 2:45 the nurse had come in to tell me that they would not be able to do my surgery and were canceling it because they were too far behind in schedule and the had only booked an hour in the Operating Room. They told me that even though it had been their fault I wasn’t getting my surgery that it was my responsibility to call & reschedule my surgery. She told me that I would be able to receive a morning surgery to avoid the chances of this happening which she had no knowledge of or even authority to tell me. I think what really hurt was the fact that the woman didn’t seem to even care about the situation, how it affected my life and my family. I had just wasted so much time and effort for something that didn’t end up happening when it really needed to.

There was a domino effect of issues and anxieties formed through how the situation was handled. I had been fasting since midnight the night before and was already suffering from the worst headache, I’m very light in weight as well so fasting for me really isn’t something I should be doing too often. In fact, I was supposed to gain weight before my surgery because of how tiny I am which makes fasting dangerous for me. Such a stressful and exhausting day. I was so angry, I felt so defeated, disappointed, so many people had gone out of their way to be there for me and were really counting on me having this surgery. I felt terrible having to tell my loved ones they had canceled it on me, all of the worries was for nothing and we can put it on hold until its rescheduled.

The entire way home I thought about how my friend had gone out of her way and stopped by that morning to bring me a treat for when I woke up the next day. She is so sweet 😊 Well, I didn’t have to wait too long to dig into those babies which were one of the few things besides snuggling up with my hubby, that was keeping me content after everything that had just happened. It’s so hard to not sit here and eat the entire bag of them. There almost all gone now. They’re the yummiest comfort food ever!!!! I already have one post on them and I am thinking of coming out with another one very shortly! Head on over and check it out!

All in all, I am just so glad that day is over with. I called his secretary nice and earlier Friday morning and gave them a piece of my mind. I calmed down quickly though as I realized it wasn’t this lady’s fault. I was able to get myself another surgery booked soon so stay tuned for round two!  Thanks everyone for reading this post. I know it’s not much but it’s something I needed to vent about. I couldn’t believe how poorly I was treated by a hospital I had been going to since I was a young child. If it had been canceled because another patient had been rushed in for an emergency I would have totally been understanding and it would not have upset me at all but because it was simply due to the fact that they were too far behind was simply just not a fair enough answer.

I did want to have a big Haul at the end of this post but like I said I am not finished editing all of the wonderful photos I took of all my beautiful clothing! ahhh I love fashion soo much! So yes, definitely keep your eyes peeled for that one coming soon and don’t forget to check out my latest giveaways page to see what hot goodies I am giving away and how you can enter to win them! Have a great night everyone!!!!



6 thoughts on “How could this happen?!?!

  1. Marina Rosie says:

    Read this whole thing through and was really disgusted to be honest – all five people that arrived after you ended up going before you? How on earth? Hope you’re okay though xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

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