Top Shows to watch on Netflix

Hello everyone, how’s your weekend going so far? It’s my weekend off from my grocery store and of course, the weather is looking pretty crummy. That’s perfectly fine with me though! I am enjoying my nice weekend in so far! I have my to-do list all ready to go and I’m ready to do some cleaning posting and relaxing.

Ahhhhh, sweet perfection!!!

So, since today is more of a relaxed day for me I wanted to talk about something I do when I relax! Or even when I’m trying to focus. I loveeeee binge watching tv shows, especially when that have aloooot of series to go through. I love watching the characters develop along with the storyline! Today I wanted to talk to you about what’s the top shows I have been watching on Netflix!!! Now just to make everyone aware if you don’t visit my website often, I am from Canada so I do indeed have good ‘ol Canadian Netflix.

Here we go, Ladies!!!


Friends – Who doesn’t looooveee this show. It’s one of my all time favorite shows soo full of laughter and literal reality in every scene. This show will go down in History. Whenever I am in a down mood I reach for an episode!

The Vampire Diaries – you have probably heard me talk about this show before, It is one of my all time I have watched it literally like 5 times over! I think all of you Sci-Fi Fantasy lovers would be head over heals with this one.

The Office
A show about, you guessed it, an office and the group of people that work there. It’s full of comedy with a tiny bit of office drama! definitely worth the watch!


Shameless – This one is one of Netflix’s recently added. This show is literally shameless. It’s full of ups and downs and amazing emotional moments in almost every episode. When they first added this show to Netflix they had added only the first 5 seasons, recently also adding the 6th. However, there are actually 7 seasons to date altogether.



Orange is the New Black – okay you guys, or for this one shouldn’t I specify ladies? This is one of the hottest prison shows everyone is talking about right now. Full of sick and twisted female drama and humor. The first 10 episodes have been leaked and I have watched all of them and they are TO DIE FORRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry you guys, I’m still super hyped for the last 3 episodes of the season to be released.

The Walking Dead – Okay you guys, so Zombies scare the living daylight out of me so this is a season I have not finished yet. I binge watch it with my boyfriend on the days we have off together (haven’t watched any in a while.) This quickly grew to be one of my favorite shows. To watch the characters, relationships and storyline develop is truly remarkable.




Bates Motel – Again this is another one I am not caught up on yet but it’s such a bone-chilling thriller that I just had to made sure it made its way in here.






Breaking Bad – Last but surely not least class is in session with everyone’s favorite chemistry teacher. Don’t hate me please because I haven’t seen the last season of this one either but it’s one I got deeply into when it had first come out. Such an amazing story here as well!





Even though my explanations are intentionally vague there is soo much more I could say about each of these shows. I would literally have you reading this post your entire night though. To save you time, their soo amazing you just need to watch them! That’s it for today’s random post! I hope you all enjoyed it! What are some of the shows you watch on Netflix? Stay tuned for my upcoming post on shows I would love to see on Netflix!!!



What did you think?

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