Have you heard of the “Spoon Theory?”

Hello, everyone! I had a bit of nighttime inspiration and wanted to talk to you about something important to me. Some of you might have heard of this and some of you probably think what I’m about to tell you has something to do with cooking.

Sadly I’m here to tell you the spoon theory has very little to do with cooking. It’s something much more intriguing!!!

To sum it up in my own words the “spoon theory” is how one friend explains to another what it is like to live a day in the life with someone who has a debilitating illness. After reading this story for the first time it changed my life. I had been in the process of being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease an illness that I learned would soon change my life forever. I always make sure I mention the spoon theory to people I meet. I think it’s important for everyone to read and understand this whether you have an illness yourself or you know someone living with an illness. Even if you don’t know someone I think it’s important to have the insight of what someone else’s life is like. You never know what someone could be battling or dealing with. just because someone doesn’t look sick doesn’t mean that they aren’t. There is more to disability than meets the eye.

Personally, it has helped me in countless ways. It helps me understand my illness and my capabilities. I have learned as long as I plan my days wisely and take my time, I don’t run out of my spoons by noon! It has helped me realize that I am different from “normal” people and that is perfectly fine. I am closer to coming to terms with my health conditions and I no longer let the words of those who dont understand what I am going through affect me.

Just click THIS LINK and it will take you to the post I read so many years ago. Thanks everyone for reading my post and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Don’t forget to check out my giveaway to see what I have been adding to the winner pile!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Have you heard of the “Spoon Theory?”

    • littlemissblissblog says:

      I’m not sure what PSA is, I just googled a little bit and it gave me psoriasis arthritis? Is that right? I like researching a bit what everyone comments about so I can connect more with my viewers. Thanks for commenting 😀


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