My Fantasy Walk-in Closet!!!

Hello, everyone! I am soooooo, excited about this post. I just need to get that off my chest right away. I have put a lot of time and effort into this one
because I was actually asked by another website to do this post for them.fe942bc90265dbc3be025183ba218de3 I thought the post was such a great idea that I hadn’t even thought of yet. My mind literally exploded with creativity. I thought to myself, Wow, little ‘ol me and my website? Me? I was so Honoured. However, things did not end up working out with that website. I started asking some more serious questions and was left hanging. I put so much thought, time and effort into this post, I spent an entire month working on it while waiting. Needless to say, I will not be letting all my hard work go down the drain. It took a little bit longer to get to you but here it finally is, my “Dream Walk In Closet” post!!!

So, some of you ladies who have read some of my previous posts know that I really love beauty and fashion. I think it is really important for women to take time out for themselves so that they feel beautiful and confident. As little girls, we are supposed to learn how to take care of ourselves and keep our body clean fit and healthy. Generally along with learning those things comes learning about other things like beauty and makeup products, jewelry and fashion. I remember one of my favorite movies as a little girl was the princess’ diaries where she gets a total beauty makeover. Then in the second movie, she is blessed with this beautiful, gigantic bedroom and walk in closet. Ever since that moment as a little girl, I have dreamed of a luxurious, spectacular and yes, over-the-top Dream Closet.


So, I also asked some of my viewers, friends, family and ladies from the various beauty groups I am involved in what they would die to have in their walk in closet, If there was just one thing at all that they could have no limits, what would it be? I got some great answers back. Some of the ladies wanted to have a makeup vanity built in, Some of the ladies I spoke with did!!! Yay! Some wanted to have a purse storage rack, and tons and tons of purses, accessories, shoes and outfits to match! Thank you for all of your feedback! It is feedback that helps keep me inspired! Enough of just my plain old jibber jabber, though.

My dream closet has to have everyyyythingggg!!!!!!  Okay so, I decided to draw up some blueprints so that you can sort of catch a glimpse of what I would have in each section of my Walk in. Does anybody remember the Family channel show “ The suite life of Zach and Cody?” My Walk in closet is a crazy mix sort of like The Princess Diaries meets London Tipton! I don’t have any talking mirrors but I do have multiple rooms beautifully set up and mine are even named based on their themes. Yes, the rooms are themed. #Organization. Gosh, I must be really excited about this post. Can you tell it will be a long one?


I don’t know exactly where to start, it’s soo huge.

I’ll start with my bedroom first actually because for the sake of my blueprint I added in both my Master Bedroom and Bathroom. I mean how else were we going to enter this huge theme park of a closet!

Anybody want a map?

My Ideal Master Bedroom

Some of the layout ideas and arrangements I would have.

Some of the layout ideas and arrangements I would have.

In my ideal master bedroom, I would have both a place for sleeping and lounging. Walking out to a beautiful balcony that overlooks my beautiful back yard. Ahhhh that sounds marvelous. As you walk into my room you would see a wall with a tv and fireplace built into it. This is right in front of our nice big queen sized bed where we would fall asleep to some Friends on Netflix every night! I have always wanted a bed frame so I would have a beautiful handcrafted one. On the wall beside my T.V. Before you turn the corner I would have a small His and Hers wardrobe which I would turn into a “get ready quick” center. We would only keep the clothes we are wearing tomorrow, deodorant, and perfume. Maybe a brush and some clips, but just the basics we would need for the next day. On the other wall beside our bed, I really want a nice big painting. As this is the Dream Master Bedroom, Its Suu PPP Errr big. So to give a tiny bit of privacy or division to the room I would put one of those shelving units from Ikea that everyone has been getting. I think they are really simple but nice. pixlr-1You can use them so many ways! In the other section of my bedroom, I would have the entrance to my closet, and a seating area in front of my balcony so that even when we are inside we can still enjoy the beautiful view. The wall at the end of that room I want to be a wall fullllll of pictures. Picture are one of my absolute favorite things in the world. It’s like saving little parts of the memory forever! I would have pictures of family, friends, past times, inspiring and happy things my family and I love. This wall is going to be a display wall for all of my guest to come and enjoy too!

Ideal Master Bathroom


Now, I didn’t mention earlier but as there is a door to my Master walk-in closet, There is a door to my Luxurious, comforting Master Bathroom. Ahhh! So relaxing! So, in my blueprint, there is room to put another The second entrance but for now, there is only one entrance, from the bedroom. When you walk in you’re immediately greeted with a beautiful view out a special display window that hovers high enough above the tub to still enjoy the view while in it but with some extra security features no one would actually be able to see inside my window!HisndHers I love having blinders on windows so I would have a particular kind on every single window in my home. Underneath that window would sit a beautiful two-person jetted tub where my Hubby and I would take baths at least once a week to destress. Right beside the tub is where I would have our walk in shower. Big enough to comfortably fit a family of twenty 🙂 kidding but definitely big enough to fit both my husband and me comfortably 🙂 Infront of both the shower and tub would be a movable divider wall. Because behind those are where I would have twin toilets. Yes, you read that correctly Twin toilets. BathroomdecorNow, what I mean by that is simply that I would have two separate toilets in my master bathroom so we would have to wait at all! I’m weird I know but, I have Crohn’s Disease So my dreams are costumed to my own average. On the side of each of our toilets would be a stand to hold toilet paper, some magazines for reading, some decor to match the theme we choose and a candle because candles give the room a more welcoming feeling. Now, I would have a linen closet so we wouldn’t have to freeze when looking for a towel, It would be directly beside the shower and open up towards the counter. 20170223_121443Ahhh, the counter. I would definitely have double sinks. That would be beautiful. I would have everything so nicely arranged for both mine and my Hubby’s things and every mirror needs some lighting so I would have the Beauty School Lights at the top of our huge mirror! I think for the theme I would keep it to a very spa-like, Zen theme. I really want it to feel like a relaxing getaway.

Nowwwwww that I have talked enough bout what this post isn’t so Securitymuch about, Now its time for me to start talking about what this post really is about!!!! It’s closest time!!!!! So going back out into my bedroom lets go stand in front of the door for my Closet. Now, I have been referring to this closet as a Walk-in but it’s just dawning on me that it’s more like a Walk THROUGH closet. Now, you have to raise your hand to the scanner and hope that your hand print has been approved for entry. Yes, I have a security system that only allows you inside if you are an approved person by scanning your prints. Don’t look directly at the red dot, It’s scanning your eyes for identification too but be careful it’s meant to sound an alarm when used incorrectly. One more second. Okay were in!As we walk into my closet we enter one of seven separate rooms. That’s where we meet London Tipton as she too had many separate rooms in her penthouse suite walk-in closet.

BigClosetAs we walk into my closet we enter one of seven separate rooms. That’s where we meet London Tipton as she too had many separate rooms in her penthouse suite walk-in closet.



The first room we walk into when we enter is my Winter Wonderland themed room. This room is where I would have all of them fall and winter clothing stored. When you enter on your right would be a stand for decor that would go with the theme of the room and just a few random things that would go in there. To the left wouldn’t really be anything besides a second door leading into the next room. Hold up though were still in this room.WonderlandDecor Now everyone needs a place to sit in their dream closet so I will have a beautiful couch in the middle of the room. Along one wall turning onto the other I would have something installed to hold all of my most worn and favorite items for the fall through the winter. All would be color organized! The unit would stretch along both walls leaving a section near the very end for a window. I wanted a window in this room So that I could see the weather as I am getting ready. On the wall in front of the couch, the wall you look at while seated, there is a mirror, and two units on either side of it. WinterWonderlandOne would hold all of my Thanksgiving favorites and these years Halloween Costume. The same goes with the other one only that one would hold and showcase my best winter outfits for Christmas and New years! Did I mention I plan on having all of the clothing and accessories in the world, more that any human could ever dream of? Filling this Dream closet will be a breeze! Back over to the second door.

Bikini VillageBikini Village Room Pieces

So what comes after the cold brisk months of Winter? Spring and Summmerrrr!!!!! My next room is Bikini Village. Sounds pretty beachy. This room is a bit different than the last for more than just the season. As you walk into this room to your left you’d see a wall that is covered entirely by a mirror. Yes, sort of like a dance studio, the entire wall. In front of the mirror wall would be a display stand that you can stand on when showing off your outfit. Of course, IRoom Decor wanted to have somewhere for my guests and myself to sit so I have two matching cushion type chairs for everyone to sit on. Directly behind that, I have an island stationed to hold all of the beach accessories a girl could ever dream of. I would have a drawer for everything and everything would be so organized! There would be a drawer for all of my sunglasses, my cutest bracelets, and anklets for during the summer weather. Of course, beauty routines change during the warmer weather so I would designate two deeper drawers specifically towards beauty products for warmer weather, sunscreen, tanning oil, bronzers, ladies, you know the deal.Beach Stuff Everything would have its own specific place. Now as for the wardrobe part of this room. I imagine a wardrobe that stretches amongst a majority of the walls leaving minimal wall space to deal with. On one end I would have a section for all of my flip flops and beach bags, next it would start with the springtime clothing going into the summertime clothing. On the furthest wall, I would have all of my bathing suits. Beautiful one pieces, two pieces and even bathing suit covers. This is all just a dream remember, No Limits! Bikini VillageLast but not Least since it gets sooooo hot during the summer months I will have a mini fridge! Stacked to the max with all of the best drinks! From Bikini Village, we then go to the Media Room. I know it sounds a little weird but keep reading, hear me out on this one 🙂

Media Room

Media Items

So, I have a “media room” yes I know you’re probably thinking okay you have how many rooms Rachel and your putting in a media room too? Why could I possibly be doing this? Well, it’s a simple answer…Because, I can. Haha, actually it’s more for when I have my girlfriends over or my amazing hubby wants to come and hang with me in my niche. As you walk in on your left you will see my makeup desk. Just a smaller one where I film some of my videos (one day I’ll start them *crosses fingers*) and do touchups on my makeup throughout the day as needed. I would have a huge beautiful mirror that covers about half my desk. EntertainmentIn the corner would be a display shelf filled with some cute things, a few board games (Monopoly) I would have some of those cute lights all the girls have these days. Awh there so sweet and welcoming 🙂 I would have a couple along the same wall as the display shelf and it would be so nice and comfy. It’s going to have to be when there is a tv and entertainment system on the opposite wall! Stacked with the latest movies and video games perfect for spending some time with my Hubby! Beside the couch on one side there is a side table and on the other a beautiful standing lamp and a snack bar/mini fridge.Media Room Doesn’t it sound great! I would have Another display stand is in this room so that when I am changing into my outfits and coming to show my guests they will see my outfits to their full effect. In the meantime, they can just chillax in the media room for a bit until I come back from changing. Along with my Display stand, I have a wall that is a mirror again. Maybe it’s the little girl in me that always dreamed of being a dancer but I love mirror walls. Since this is a dream and it’s my dream that means nothings breakable, I’m installing a Toronto Raptors-themed basketball net!!!!! My baby and I are going to shoot hoops from the couch all night long while we binge watch The Walking Dead!!! finally, there is another door! Let’s see where this one takes us!

Heel wall  Shoeville

Ahhh, welcome to what I find one of the more relaxing rooms of my closet, Shoeville! This is my secret little niche where I film a majority of my videos (coming soon). This room would be filled with all of the accessories any woman could ask for! From shoes of all types, boots and purses, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets. I would have a drawer full of justtt sunglasses. Oh, I love it all! As we enter, you will see a display shelf just for my high heels. pixlr_20170218194917421The shelf extends across a majority of the wall and has a sliding effect to allow storage for even more strappy stilettoes! I am really short so heels are my best friend! In one corner of my room, I will have a rotating purse rack which displays my top purses including all of my favorite Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Louis V’s. Along the back wall is a display rack for all of my boots, flats, sandals, and other types of shoes. pixlr-16I’ve always wanted a shoe wall! Along the other two walls, I have a huge corner vanity/desk where I spend my time getting ready, where I pamper myself, where I do some of my best thinking and relieve the most of my stress! This is where I would film most of my makeup tutorials and really take time out for myself as this would be a room with only a seat for me. I would do a lot of filming in Shoeville so, I will have a window as well along one of the same walls that side with my vanity. Natural Lighting is huge when it comes to makeup and filming etc.Island One of the biggest things in this room will be an island in the middle the top will be great for taking photos of products for my website and Instagram. This island will have drawers for all of the smaller items I mentioned like sunglasses, earrings, jewelry of all sorts. The decor theme I would love to have in this room as it is my niche is going to be very pink & blue, just full of bright girly and glittery colors. It’s going to be glitter-full and sweet. I love the champagne gold and pink glitter colors so I would really base the room around those colors!glitterdecor This room connects to another one of the best rooms, “Wake me up before you go-go” This room is filled with all of the hottest and coolest outerwear finishing touches.

This room connects to another one of the favorite rooms, “Wake me up before you go-go” This room is filled with all of the hottest and coolest outerwear finishing touches for any outfit.


WakemeupWake me up before yo go-go!

I have talked a lot about summer clothing and fall clothing and all of my wonderful accessories to go with them but what are one constant us ladies tend to reach for throughout all seasons, our Outerwear!!! Whether it’s a coat or cardigan there are many types of outerwear to love for all four seasons. I would keep them all in one room called “wake me up before you go-go” you probably sang that in your head didn’t you? So, I asked myself “pixlr-18What’s something that I personally wear throughout all seasons?” If you know anything about me then you know that I love cardigans. I wear them all year round. I love big ones and small ones and short ones and long ones! When you enter this room to the left you will see a glass wall. This wall is a sliding door to the balcony that showcases the view of my grand backyard. outerwear accessoriesTo the right is where you will see the display unit. Here all of my cardigans will be organized from short to long as well as by colors! This leads into the coats jackets, sweaters and hoodies I own as well! I would have a shelf for some of my props in here as my floor would be a big carpeted space where I can layout larger items for photographing. Since this room is rather simple it also has one last display shelf especially for my hats scarves, mittens, ear muffs, all of my seasonal/outerwear accessories will be stored here. Wake me upOnto the next room!I’m sure you’re probably wondering by now, how many more rooms could this dream closet possibly have and just for a little bit of closure the tour is almost over.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering by now, how many more rooms could this dream closet possibly have and just for a little bit of closure the tour is almost over.

Pajama Land.

Pajama Land

The second last room is Pajama Land! You probably have an idea of what’s kept in here just by the name but, I’ll tell you alll about it anyways. This room is more of a laid back, lounge area. I really like to unwind and reach my inner emotions in this room. PJ'sWhen you walk in the first thin you will probably see is my eye catching couch and coffee table to match. This room is filled with some of the sexiest items to the cutest fuzzy pajamas. The main wall you’re going to see in here, due to the couch placement is another mirrored wall! Quite different from the rest, though. this mirror wall is split up a bit and each section opens up to some drawers and more hanging space. Elegant and perfect with a display stand in front of it for making sure I look just right. SexyStuffIn the drawers behind the mirror, I would keep things like bras and panties, socks, slippers, stockings and pantyhose, any sexy little things I might need will be found in here. Along the walls, there will, of course, be an abundance of clothing yet again. You will see my pajamas organized by season and color! Last but not least I would have a display case for my favorite negligee pieces. Every woman needs Pajama Landsome spicy little pieces.





Queens Palace.Queens Palace

Last but not least I welcome you to the Queen’s palace, this room is where all things magical live. This room is quite the dream. This room also has a display stand in front of a Dancer mirror wall. This room too has a couch and mini fridge, I get the feeling my gal pals and I might be spending a decent amount of time in this room as well. One of my favorite features bout this room is the hidden entrance. pixlr_20170220134402738I thought it would be pretty necessary having such a huggee closet to have more than one entrance. It’s part of the mirror wall and blends right in perfectly. Along one wall I will have just my basic dresses, for everyday wear.

Do you guys know what a shadow box is?

I plan on having a huge shadow box that has lights inside of it to illuminate the dress inside which would, of course, be my exquisite wedding dress!pixlr_20170220134631769 Along that wall on both sides will be my more elegant and formal dresses organized by length and color. I would always keep my Closet Clean and organized because I would probably end up using every single room for my website/brand as much as I could. I didn’t think that when I was just brainstorming this post on my little notepad that it would ever go this far but here we are, the most extravagant, luxurious, wildest closet you have probably ever seen. Queens PalaceFor those of you who stayed until the end, A little-hidden secret: I’m planning a giveaway soon so stay tuned and invite your friends!

What was your favorite thing from this post?

Last but not least, this is the cutest little idea from a lady in one of my beauty groups but…

I would have a closet kitty! I mean really this would be my cat that just follows me around my entire house but she would embody so many of my traits that she would be glued to my hip and spend so much time with me that this is her closet too 🙂

That about wraps it up for what my dream closet would be like.I know it’s super long, probably the longest post I’ve ever done but I really put my heart and soul into this one. I know it is crazy over the top but I just could pass up the opportunity to go all out. I wish that things ended up working out with the website as It would have ben my first partnered/sponsored post. I was so excited to expand a bit. I guess I’ll have better luck next time. I hope you guys enjoyed all of my spectacular Ideas. I hope the length of this post didn’t bug you all too much. I tried to add just as many beautiful photos to even it out. Sometimes dreams seem unrealistic or out of reach but what would life be like without some wild dreams. Don’t forget to check out my new Facebook Group! and follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks Loves, Come back soon!!!



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