Sneak Peak

Hello there everyone! How has your month been! I’m sorry I have been away for a while again but this month I have spent the whole month working on a post I have been asked to do by another website. That website hasn’t contacted me back yet so I am waiting a little while longer on its release. However, I have worked so long and hard on it and I am so excited to share it with you guys that I have decided to give you guys a sneak peak! It has been such a long month of planning and designing. The sneak peak, however, will come at the end, though!

splitI hope everyone’s valentines day was great! My hubby and I went to see Split in theaters but we weren’t as satisfied as we thought we would be. If you would like a review then let me know in the comments and I’ll get working on that soon!



I want to congratulate my workplace on some awards they have received! downloadWe work so hard each and everyday and we still manage to keep the workplace such a happy and friendly environment. Congratulations! Our location was given the following awards from the 2017 Readers Choice Awards:


Best Grocery Store- Conventional Format – 1st Place

Best Produce – 1st Place

Best Deli – 2nd Place

Best Seafood – 3d Place

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you all tat I have recently signed back up for the Ipsy glam bag. I recently was signed up for it and loved it so much but had to take a break for a while. If anybody is considering the Ipsy glam bag you can sign up through my link. They send you about $50 worth of makeup for $10 plus tax and shipping! Not a bad deal. In Canada, it usually ends up being $20. Also, I want to mention for those of you who have read the whole post. I was going to announce it in my actual post but I might as well mention it during the Sneak Peak. I have started planning for a giveaway. So, for my web sites year anniversary, I will be doing my websites first giveaway!!! stay tuned everyone ❤

now for the sneak peak, here is a snip it from my upcoming post!

BathroomNow, I didn’t mention earlier but as there is a door to my Master walk-in closet, There is a door to my Luxurious, comforting Master Bathroom. Ahhh! So relaxing! So, in my blueprint, there is room to put another The second entrance but for now, there is only one entrance, from the bedroom. When you walk in you’re immediately greeted with a beautiful view out a special display window that hovers high enough above the tub to still enjoy the view while in it but with some extra security features no one would actually be able to see inside my window! I love having blinders on windows so I would have a particular kind on every single window in my home. Underneath that window would sit a beautiful two-person jetted tub where my Hubby and I would take baths at least once a week to destress. Right beside the tub is where I would have our walk in shower. HisndHersBig enough to comfortably fit a family of twenty 🙂 kidding but definitely big enough to fit both my husband and me comfortably 🙂 Infront of both the shower and tub would be a movable divider wall. Because behind those are where I would have twin toilets. Yes, you read that correctly Twin toilets. Now, what I mean by that is simply that I would have two separate toilets in my master bathroom so we would have to wait at all! I’m weird I know but, I have Crohn’s Disease So my dreams are costumed to my own average. On the side of each of our toilets would be a stand to hold toilet paper, some magazines for reading, some decor to match the theme we choose and a candle because candles give the room a more welcoming feeling.Bathroomdecor Now, I would have a linen closet so we wouldn’t have to freeze when looking for a towel, It would be directly beside the shower and open up towards the counter. Ahhh, the counter. I would definitely have double sinks. That would be beautiful. I would have everything so nicely arranged for both mine and my Hubby’s things and every mirror needs some lighting so I would have the Beauty School Lights at the top of our huge mirror! I think for the theme I would keep it to a very spa-like, Zen theme. I really want it to feel like a relaxing getaway.

I hope you all enjoyed my little post! The real thing will be out soon I am not thinking March 5th or sooner. Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well as check out my new Facebook group. I will be keeping you all updated on some of the goodies I will be putting in the giveaway!!


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