The Results are In!!!!

Hello, everyone! I have been really busy these days as you probably know from reading my last post but in the meantime, I have been trying all sorts of new

and wonderful snacks and products to review for you all!

I have been loving everything I have bought that has been organic without a doubt. So, I was wondering what Organic Post would you guys like to see first? I know there are many options to choose from but it would really help me decide and I would appreciate that soooo much right now! I will be working on a project for a course I am taking and this should take about a week So the polls will be open until then but I will also give some notice! Beneath, I have created a poll for everyone to take & make things easier. Thank you, My Loves! Have a cozy & safe weekend!!!


So I have now Closed the polls and with almost half of you voting for this option it looks like the winner is Burt’s Bee’s Organic Tinted Lip Balm!!!

I will be getting this new post out to you within the next 3 days!

A HUGE thank you goes out to alllllll of those who participated and helped make this poll work! you’re all so amazing! Have a blessed night.


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