HOLY GRAIL ALERT! NYC changed my makeup routine!

Hello, everyone!!!! I hope everyone Had an amazinggggg Halloween, I know we sure did!!! It’s now November and that means Christmas is right around the corner! How exciting. I couldn’t decide on which Hello November photo I liked more so There is two here and one on my Instagram šŸ™‚ So recently I have found a new mascara that I am absolutely in love with. It has completely changed my makeup regimen! I have gone from using 2/3 different mascaras for my daily look to only having to use one! Keep reading to find out!

So, Like I said, I have gone from using 2 or 3 different mascaras to complete my everyday look and now, I’m down to 1. My eyelashes are, in opinion very short and, I also have some sparse sections in my eyelashes where some have fallen out and have yet to grow back in completely. I have never liked curling my eyelashes after I already have mascara on them. I don’t like the stickiness it leaves sometimes  on my eyelash curler and I don’t find it to be too sanitary. That’s just me, though.

So the mascara that has recently replaced my 3step routine for eyelashes and turned it into one quick step is NYC’s Big Bold Curl Mascara. I picked this up at my local drugstore for about $4.99 If I can remember correctly. There are many things I have grown to love about this product but, I will be honest with you, my first impression wasn’t all that great! It took a few tries for the product to grow on me. My first impressions of the product were that It was sort of a pain to use, it smudges very easily and I had to adjust to the brush size because my eyes are small. It really takes a few times using it to get the hang of how it works and coats your lashes best but it is definitely worth it.


The Packaging:

The packaging it comes it is just simple like many other drugstore items. Designs on the packaging to catch your eye. It’s by NYC meaning its one of the more economic options to choose from. Loveeee It! The tube itself is a nice Turquoise color with a vibrant metallic purple color for the lettering.

The Brush:20161102_161648

The brush is big and bold indeed. It definitely gives you tons of amazing volume. I like the curvature in the brush It allows me to get apply it to my eyes and comb through them in a different angle fanning my lashes out more. The brush being so big lets me give my eyes a few swipes and maybe 2 light coats and I’m done. Make sure you let your eyelashes dry between coats to help avoid a little bit of clumping.

The Product Itself:

Okay, so the products packaging claims to offer us a mascara that has 12x the volume, skyscraper length, 99% lift and No clumps! The product is supposed to give your lashes big bold curl and I am very pleased with the product now that I have been using it for a while. There is soo many reasons I love this product and would recommend it to many women who want some more volume to their lashes. Even though the big bush took me a few try’s to get used to it, once I learned how I like to get in there with it. This mascara became my best friend quickly! It gives you a nice and thick coating in just a few swipes and makes them look much longer than normal. The product also comes off very easily with makeup remover. There are only a few negative things I can say about this mascara. It very wet and smudges easily so you really have to be careful and give it a few extra seconds to dry. Giving it that few extra seconds to dry also avoids clumping. I know the product says it doesn’t clump but I have honestly come across a mascara that says it doesn’t clump and actually does NOT clump at least a tiny bit. Closer to the end of the night or more so just the more and longer I have the product on it does crumble a tiny bit but, luckily for me this starts happening when I’m already laying in bed a little while before I actually go to sleep. I get out of bed and I use some cotton rounds and my Garnier Micellar Water to remove my make up. This stuff works wonders, follow the link to view my thoughts on it! Now, To sum it up and break it down.


  • Big Big Brush
  • Thickly Coats Lashes
  • Makes them look longer
  • Comes off Easily
  • Gives lots of volumes


  • Smudges Easily
  • Needs extra drying time
  • Crumbles a bit after a long day

I found this photo which shows them nicely coated and dramatic looking. definitely not the best photo I can get off them! Maybe I’ll update with close ups for you guys? A really good tip I can offer all of you ladies who use this product but feel that too much product comes out with the wand or for those who has stopped using this product for similar reasons is to tilt your brush as your pull it out of the tube and some of the product will scrape off and stay in the tube. This trick comes in really handy for me because I use the curved side to coat my lower lash line. I’m really impressed by this product and I’m happy that its a product that lives up to expectations.

So that’s it for this post everyone! Thanks for reading about why I have fallen in love with this mascara. Now that I have done this post and realized how much I actually do love this mascara I think it has just made its way into my Holy Grail of products. It has replaced not only 1 mascara but All 3 of my regular mascaras and now I have to use only one. Let me know what you ladies think about this product, did you absolutely love it or did you stop using it for whatever reason? Don’t forget to check out Twitter and Instagram to see what I have been up to latly. Now to catch the end of the game with my Hubby. Let’s Go Raptors! I hope everyone has a great evening everyone!



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