Making the big Move ft. SPECIAL GUEST MENTION

Making the Move.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. Inspired by the season, Change can be sometimes, overwhelming, exhausting and downright Scary! But, what if the sometimes change is what we need? Recently my family and I have made a big change in our life. We moved from our apartment into a house and as you can figure with moving of any sort, you need to do a little planning, packing, and organizing. In today’s’ article I’ll be talking about some of the things you might want to consider before making your big move. Plus a Special Guest Mention!!!

People move for many reasons, whether you need a bigger place, or you don’t like the area you are currently living in. For whatever reason, you need to move, Stop and Think for a second. There are so many opportunities for a beautiful home and you want to make sure you are prepared properly so that all plans can hopefully go smoothly. Us, in particular, wanted a bigger living space! And boy did we land the Jackpot! But, it didn’t come easy. We viewed many places before we found the right one for us. So now onto the good part! Here are the 5 steps we took before making our move:

  1. Make a list of what you are looking for in your new Home.
  2. Make a list of what you DON’T want.
  3. Research the areas in which you consider moving too.
  4. Find a realtor.
  5. DO YOUR WALK THROUGH’S (Bring a list too)

A list of what you are looking for in your new Home.

Brainstorming about this is so, soo important, this is a huge investment your making of not only your money but your Time, Well-being and, happiness. It’s important to make sure you know exactly what you need and want from your new house.

But, I don’t want that!!! (A List of what you don’t want)

Making a list of what you do NOT want to see in your new home is also extremely important for the same reasons. Knowing what you want out of something before you make the huge jump can determine a lot about the landing. This is really something you should prepare for.

Research the areas in which you consider moving to.

I think researching the neighbourhoods you would like to move to is an important aspect of a successful move. For us in our neighbourhood, we sought out easily accessible local business’s, shopping, schools, transportation, and parks and trails because we like to be active!

Find a Realtor.

Now this is not something that everyone needs to do but, I do think it makes things a lot less stressful. You basically tell them the criteria and they send you back a bunch of listings to start going through.

Do your Walk-Throughs, Bring anotherrr LIST!

Okay so you’re probably thinking by now “ this lady is LIST CRAZY!” and well, chances are you might just be right. But, When doing the walkthroughs of these houses you need to consider what the living standards of the physical structure are. Are the locks proper? Good Water pressure? Cracks in the basement foundation, you’re investing a lot of money into this place already, you don’t want to move in and find out you need to do a lot of stressful renovations.

Okay, now onto the packing part of it! After you have found your dream home or, maybe you have already started, you need to pack up your belongings and prepare them to be moved! Some things you need to think about are: moving your bigs items, packing breakables properly to avoid breakage and things that can make your moving experience less stressful. Never fear, I have some tips for you! Some directly from me, one tip from my SPECIAL GUEST MENTION, and some tips that I wish I did try during my recent move.

Pack Ahead. (if possible)

If its possible for you, start packing about a month before your initial moving date! This will save on crunch time, and reduce stress levels as the day creeps up on you. Things to start packing 4 weeks ahead could range anywhere from pictures and decor to off-season clothing basically just packing things you haven’t used in awhile, and won’t needs to use anytime soon. Two to Three weeks before its a good idea to pack things like linens knick knacks, games, jewelry, toiletries and office supplies. Save as much of your daily used items to be packed last.

Wrap Dishes in clothing.

This is something I didn’t actually do but I wish I thought of this before hand. I wrapped my dishes in newspapers but I read a tip online that said to wrap your dishes in clothing, and place stylophone plates between certain times, It sounds like it could be a very useful idea. You’re sort of killing two birds with one stone here.

Cover Liquids.

I read online a great thing to do is put saran wrap under your lid of your product to sort of re-seal the product. I didn’t do exactly this but I did something like this. What I did was put my chemicals in zipping lock bags so leakage couldn’t ruin surrounding items.

8be41439c56c2ceff423616030751b1bThread Necklaces through toilet paper rolls.

This is a simple little trick you can do to prevent your necklaces and jewellery from getting tangled during the move. This one definitely came in handy for me!

Put Books in Suitcases.

Books can get to be really heavy sometimes. This isn’t a tip I used but I really wish I did because I don’t have a lot of reading books but I have graduated from college within the last year so I have a tonne of College Textbooks which in most cases can be ten times heavier! Putting books in suitcases is smart because you have the ability to roll it if needed and, there usually meant to be a bit heavy.

Label Everything!

Do it! Label everything, who cares if you seem like a control or organization freak, Lable your cords, your boxes, your bags, also keep track of approximately what is in each box/bag etc. So that way unpacking and quick access to things is a lot easier. Hey, I’m so crazy that I even color coated everything! LITERALLY.

Use Suran Wrap around Big Items!

Say you have a dresser full of clothes, well easier than packing all of those clothes separately and moving an empty dresser, Leave it all in there, and saran wrap all of the drawers shut! Voila, More Storage/Packing space.

Keep things hung up.720a3e12eeef94bd6ee263905a9c78db

This was a really neat trick to help move some of my heavier and dressier clothing that I wanted to keep in really good condition throughout the move. I slipped a garbage bag over my clothing that was already hung up still and closed it with the drawstring. It was easy peasy to carry by the hangers.

Prepare a Separate, First Night bag!

When you first move in you might need access to a few things before you can get around to unpacking everything! For the first night, you should make a list and, pack a separate bag that will have everything you need right away on your first night there. This should include things like Pj’s, Toothbrushes, Toilet paper, and other toiletries snacks, if you have kids something to keep them entertained, some candles or batteries and a flashlight, I’m sure you get what I mean by now…

And Last but not least…

Get rid of Garbage before You start packing!

This tip is part of my SPECIAL GUEST MENTION. It comes from one o14455728_10153864763897374_1650549242_of the lovely ladies I met in college who is currently onto big and exciting changes in her life as well! So a Big shout out to you, Shackeria Brown! Her tip is, to start getting rid of garbage before you start packing and I absolutely agree with this. This is important to do because who wants to waste time, money, and space packing and transporting things you won’t actually be keeping! It’s definitely a hassle. If you’d like to learn more about Shackeria Brown you can check her out on her youtube channel! She makes awesome vlogs about beauty, lifestyle and more! Here is the link to her youtube channel: 

Now, It looks like we have reached the end of this post! So I’d like to thank all of my readers for tuning in and especially my friend Shackeria for letting me use her as my special guest mention! I wish for you all the best in your future journeys! When it comes to moving and packing there are so many things you need to think about and sometimes it can become really overwhelming. Relax, take a deep breath you got this! Even though change can feel like too much sometimes it might be exactly what we need. Thank you, everyone, for reading my article and I hope that my post helped someone who is currently stressed out with their move, or thinking of moving soon! Don’t forget to check me out on my Social media and see what I have been up to, Twitter, Instagram! Have a great day!!!d117329


2 thoughts on “Making the big Move ft. SPECIAL GUEST MENTION

  1. Nyxloves says:

    “This lady is LIST crazy” 😀 This is something I keep hearing but I guess lists are the best companion in making things easier, logical and in decision making. I loved the lists you mentioned in the post, they are really useful!

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