Hello Fall, It’s been a while…


Hello, Everyone! I hope you all have been having a safe and great weekend! This last week and a half have been pretty hectic for my family and me as we have been moving into our new home! We spent an entire week going back and forth between moving over some necessities and then a day or two before the Cogeco guy came we started spending the night! It is so amazing and beautiful here. It feels like no matter where I go here there is the inspiration at my fingertips. Unfortunately, Talking about my Big Beautiful New House isn’t the topic for this post but, never fear! I do, already have it in my plans to make some posts about moving and packing and I will talk more about my Queens Palace ❤


Ahhh, September!!!

The smell of fresh, cool, crisp air in the morning. Back to school for the kids, and the start of the Thanksgiving Season. As the season’s change, I have come to realize so does everything else! Currently, I’m very into learning about myself as a person, developing new skill sets, and re-inventing myself. I’ve learned that one of the things I really do love is Fashion. I am definitely a fashionista at heart. Since I have realised how much I love fashion, I have a tiny little rocking body and I now have this huge beautiful walk in closet to start filling with pretty clothing that fits me, I wanted to start a new kind of post on my blog about what fashion trends I am liking, or think would look fabulous on my new body.

I’m hoping to do this post for everyone at least once a month. All of the fashion pieces with being somehow related to the season and month we are in. This, being my first post of the sort might not be the greatest of even exactly what I have intended but I am doing it anyways! My goal every month is to find one of each of the following that I absolutely adore: a formal dress, casual dress, a casual outfit with 3 different bottom types, (jeans, leggins, pencil skirt) my favorite type of shoes to wear that month along with a suitable accessory All of this paired with a matching hairstyle and makeup sample. I also aim to post a tiny piece about why I like each item and find it inspiringly correct for my posts 🙂

Since the season is changing I found two Formal dresses that I could see myself wearing. The first one is long and I love the burgundy plum color for this time of year, It’s just so festive. I love how the material sits on the body and I liked the shoulders as well. I thought that the shoulders made this dress ideal for a fall wedding if it were to get cooler at night your bridesmaids wouldn’t be stuck with a bare shoulder. The second formal dress I liked was almost the same color I think it might be just a tiny bit deeper than the first one. I think this dress is still formal but a lot more versatile for the season. The material looks a lot thicker so a little bit of water wouldn’t visibly hurt the dresses. I wou7ld dress this second dress up a few different ways as well I feel like sticking with a slick dark accessory palette isn’t the only way to go. What ways would you accessorize the Short Formal Dress?

I really love this Denim dress! It looks super casual and comfy but I feel like I could dress this up in so many different ways. I love the scarf paired with it! The only thing I would change about it before I would buy it for myself is I would like to see the waistline taken in a bit more and not so big and baggy. The second dress I found (Casual Green one with gold-ish belt) is a bit more dressy than casual but still very casual indeed. I love how the belt is meant to show off your waistline. My favorite thing is the way the green compliments the brown. I love seeing outfits that have colors that just flow beautifully together and this one really does. Not to mention the statement backpack in the same color looks great, definitely a Hot Back To School outfit for those college ladies!

Oh, how I love Fall. Tis the season of sweater weather, ripped denim-rich earth-toned colors and scarves! One of the things I love about the fall is, of course, the weather and I love big chunky sweaters and cardigans you get to wear to keep you warm and cozy. The things I love about these next few out fits are: that they are casual, comfortable and in the season. I love the slouched off the shoulder look that the sweater has. It looks laid back but still very presentable if you had to run an errand quickly. I love the second look as well for many of the same reasons! I love the cardigan, I feel like it would be warmer than the sweater by a tiny bit. I really like how the ruffles of the cardigan add some distinct layers to the outfit! Both of these outfits are paired with knee high boots but, I would also wear them with a cute pair of moccasins. The last outfit is a green colored pant with a cream -floral print t-shirt this is a really cute outfit bringing in some color to your wardrobe. The pants are obviously a very versatile piece and the shirt can be dressed up and down very nicely. I like the floral with the green, it definitely compliments it.

Moccasins and Scarves! I love these “outfit completers” (I probably made that word up) so much! Moccasins in the fall are so nice and cozy for when you need to be warm when needed but, also they keep you sweating throughout the day the same way boots would. When I was younger I had a pair of those airwalk moccasins that look similar to te these UGG ones advertised for this season Who else loves Moccasins, though? Its like your wearing fashionable slippers everywhere you go. You’re comfy, your toes are cozy what could go wrong? Wait… you could possibly be going wrong if you’re not completing your outfit with a scarf!!! I love scarves so much they are so perfect in every way! They add a great amount of “Footmuff” to an outfit and there are many different designs and styles to choose from! Infinity scarves definitely have a different saying about your appearance than a Blanket scarf does! I love scarves and even though I am mentioning them in a September season post I do feel like you could wear the right scarf all year round. Scarves arent just for bulking up and staying warm people!!!

The Lightly curled hairstyle I like a lot is simple. If I had the right curling Iron I would probably do this every day or, almost every day! Its quick and easy to put together making it great for the back to school season adjustments while it still looks professional and clean at the same time making it perfect for the on the go woman! The makeup I like because of its simple and can go nicely with any outfit. The lips arent too red which I thought might offset the red formal dresses. Its simplicity makes it quick and easy to achieve a clean put together look to rock your newly busy day!


That is really all for this post! I hope everyone enjoyed the new post idea! I hope everyone loves the cute clothing I picked out. I had a lot of fun with this post so I will definitely be making this a thing! What is everyone’s favorite back to school/fall accessory and how do you style it best? Comment away my beauties I wanna hear your thoughts on fall fashion! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Instagram and like my page on Facebook! If you have any post request feel free to ask! Thank you, everyone! Welcome to Fall




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