Holy Grail Alert!!! Self-Esteem Boost in a Bottle!

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hello, everyone! Welcome back! It’s the Fall season and I’m so excited for that! Unfortunately, it’s been a rough week and start of the season as some extended family is not doing too well but, I am doing my best to stay positive through it all! It’s about time I get another post up for you guys and this week I wanted to talk about one of my HOLY GRAIL products!!! Yes, indeed this product is one of my HOLY GRAIL beauty products, it’s one of the most common things I pull for when I’m in a rush! But first let me ask you guys, what makes a “holy grail” product a HOLY GRAIL product for you? Is it how much use you get out of it? Is it how well it worked for you? Is it how much you spent on the product? For me, there are a few things I think about when deciding if this is a holy grail product or a product I just really enjoy. The top things to make a product qualify as my “Holy Grail” are How many times I have repurchased the product because it was absolutely necessary I just could not live without it, How much use I get out of the product and If this product is the best products I have tried of its kind (Dry shampoo, Hairspray…).

Today I’m going to be reviewing the dry shampoo by Batiste, I own the Original scent. This product has made it into my HOLY GRAIL of products for a few reasons but mainly because It is the best dry shampoo I have ever used and that is my 100% honest and personal opinion. I have gone through about 5-7 bottles of this product since I started using it a few years ago and it is such a blessing. It is a decent sized bottle so you get a lot of use out of it. I use to use it 3 times bi-weekly it had lasted me about 2/3 months. Currently, I use it once or twice a month, sometimes three times a month.

Greasy Hair 2

My hair before I use the product.

Greasy Hair

My hair before I use the product.




To me what makes a dry shampoo good is if it makes my hair look and feel cleaner. Dry shampoos are supposed to refresh your hair quickly when you don’t have time to wash your hair with regular shampoo and water. The product works by the Alcohol or Starch in the product soaking up the grease and excess oil making it look cleaner. Traditionally you can achieve the same results through sprinkling cornstarch on your hair but it does not have the same drying time as the aerosol provide. Besides the basic feature of a dry shampoo (cleansing) this product also offers great texturizing features giving your hair more volume and making your hair workable into many different hairstyles.

I have been suing Batiste for about 3 years now if not a few longer. It is definitely one of the best dry shampoos I have ever used. Some dry shampoo’s that I have tried have left my hair feeling worse than it did before I used the product leaving my hair heavier and, greasier. I think Batiste dry shampoo is one of the best of its kind. Using Batiste does not leave a sticky film or residue on your hair so you can still style it and it enables you to really work the product into your roots. It doesn’t make my hair feel any heavier than before it actually feels like it lightens it a bit. The one thing I did notice about this product is that it leaves a little bit of a white colored tinge on your hair and makes the appearance of your roots look white. To avoid that you’re not supposed to apply it on the top layer of your hair and you are supposed to work the product in once you have sprayed a few sections of your hair. I would suggest lifting up about an inch from the roots when spraying. It smells kind of powdery and fresh, not unpleasant by any means. The original product bottle has a cute simple design in some blue, green, and yellow colors.

White Powder

Product before it’s worked through my hair

Right After

After Using Batiste! Much cleaner with fairly even texture.

This product makes my hair look great and, so much cleaner instantly. It gives me amazing amounts of volume where I needed it. I have a bunch of weird cowlicks throughout my scalp, a bunch of them being in my crown so it allows me to have the texturization to add a little bit of teasing to make everything even out. Batiste is so worth it. It works wonders!!! My hair is noticeably cleaner after using this product! It solves your simple everyday problems by being a quick reliable fix to an otherwise time-consuming process. It’s the perfect self-esteem boost in a bottle! I would recommend this to everyone who is in need of a good reliable and, affordable dry shampoo or even someone who is jut looking for a bit of texturization in their hair. I can not wait to try some of the different kinds, Batiste has! What are everyone’s top 2 favorite kinds of batiste? (besides the original!) I will definitely try the most recommended. Thank you, everyone, so much for reading my post and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram! Have an awesome week everyone and Welcome to Fall!!!

Happy WeekendSeptemberFall



6 thoughts on “Holy Grail Alert!!! Self-Esteem Boost in a Bottle!

  1. Touch of Sparkle says:

    Loved this post ! I always get concerned about using batiste because it’s so white and my hair is black . So I get worried about it looking grey! But looks lovely on you! I have always used vo5 dry shampoo


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