Finding Dory <3

Hello, Everybody and welcome back to my blog. I’m sorry it has been so long since I have posted! It’s been a really offbeat month for my Family and I. I have been doing my best to keep sane through it all. I have so many things that are going on in my life and the lives around me that have needed some extra attention like our nutrition and sleep habits. Over the last month, I have already started to make some positive changes in our lifestyle to benefit our happiness, health, and well-being! I think I am going to start doing a monthly reflection post for you guys to sort of see what went on in my life that month, how I dealt with it and, what I hope to see change within the next month! This Month has been craaazzzzyyy because we are planning on Moving again, I’m planning on going back to School and getting my License. We also went on a little vacation and, we found a new dentist that we absolutely love! One positive really big thing I did for us this month was starting a “food/habit journal” to help track our daily nutritional intake , sleeping patterns and, set and keep goals on track. But, Let me tell you what today’s post will be about!

So for today I wanted to talk a bit about our little vacation we took and the movie we saw while we were there! We went on vacation and stayed at the Hilton and we treated ourselves to a Jacuzzi room for a weekend and it was amazing! The service and the room were amazing. The bed was huge and so comfy, the bath tub was to die for. Just the altogether Vibe and feeling was phenomenal! We definitely think this is a place worth going back to! Once we had checked in we unpacked and ordered some room service because we were starving!!! This was the first time I had ever had room service in my entire life! The food was great and we didn’t have to wait a long time for it at all. After we ate we started a bath in the jacuzzi tub! It was amazing! The t.v. Turned so we could watch t.v. While in the bathtub! It was so relaxing! After that, we put on some movies and crawled into the big bed and before we knew it we had fallen asleep! We had such a great sleep in that bed! The next day we decided to go out for a bit to the movies! We watched Finding Dory!!! Yes, that’s right us two adults went to see Finding Dory! To be honest I feel like there might have been more adults in the audience than children.


The Jacuzzi Tub!


These were the little condiments they gave us, they are the most adorable things I have ever seen!

So, I’m assuming that everyone has seen the legendary movie Finding Nemo that came out in 2003.Well much like the first Movie and, In the words of Crush himself, It was totally amazing “dudeeeee.” Finding Dory had me crying twice, once in the first scene! For anyone who has not seen the movie but, is planning to, I would suggest you stop reading this post right about now as I will be talking about some spoilers.

finding nemo.jpg

During the first movie, we learn that Dory has short term memory loss. When the movie starts it appears that Marlin and Nemo now live together along with Dory and had been taking care of each other. Dory seems to be adapting, she has her own habitat. Dory goes to school with Nemo some days to help out with the class! One day the class goes on a trip and some children spark Dory’s memory and she ends up getting these flashbacks of memories of her parents and where she came from. CharactersThus, the plot of the film, Finding Dory. They go on this trip to find Dory’s parents and when they just about get there they end up losing Dory! She gets taken into “Sigourney Weaver” which is a Marine Life Institute that focuses on rescue, rehabilitation, and release! We meet tons of new amazing characters along the way, We also learn how she got lost in the first place! There are so many reasons I loved this movie! I loved how they added new characters besides just Dory’s parents, I love how it showed us how Dory grew up and all of the different times she had forgotten something very important. I liked how the movie was relatable and heartfelt. I also enjoyed having seen the first one and then growing up and waiting for the second one. Honestly, even though the movie took forever to come out, Now that I am an adult I loved watching Finding Dory in this perspective. There is so much to this movie that as a kid, you wouldn’t really piece together or even think about.

Hank and Dory

The new characters that are introduced are Dory’s parents Charlie and Jenny, Hank the seven legged Octopus, Destiny the Whale Shark, Bailey the Beluga, Becky the Loon, some Sea Otters, and a group of Sea Lions and, Gerald. Each of these characters has a significant part in the movie. Destiny the Whale Shark proves that Dory really can speak whale and it proves to come in very handy when she helps Dory through the sewage system. Becky the Loon proves herself to be smarter than people may assume when she is called in to save the day twice!

Short Summary of the Movie.

A year after they successfully find Nemo, Dory becomes a helping hand in raising Nemo. Dory helps out with Nemo’s class occasionally. One day the class is going on a trip and some of the other students ask Dory some questions and she suddenly starts having flashbacks of her childhood and family. She remembers that she has a mom, a dad, a home and so she decides to go looking for her family with the help of Marlin and Nemo but, you know good old Dory and her memory loss… They definitely encounter some setbacks along the way. The only thing she is able to remember where she came from is that it is called the “Jewel of Morro Bay.” in California. To get there they call on the help of their good old friend Crush the Turtle, Duuudeeee. After riding the current to California, they are in for another thrilling and dangerous encounter from a giant squid! The squid almost gets Nemo and Marlin loses his mind on Dory, making her feel very bad. Dory swims to the surface where she gets caught in one of the 6-pack rings, gets herself separated from Marlin and Nemo and taken into the care of “Sigourney Weaver” the Marine Institute ,where she gets put in a Quarantine section and tagged for shipment. In quarantine is where Dory meets Hank the seven legged Octopus. He is eager to get sent to a permanent aquarium in Cleveland and try to help Dory find her parents in return for her Tag. Dory goes through the exhibits in search for her parents and in doing so she runs into her childhood friends Destiny the nearsighted whale shark and, Bailey the Beluga who believes he’s lost his ability to echolocate.


Gerald & Becky

While Dory is inside getting closer and closer to finding her parents, Nemo and Marlin are still in the Ocean trying to find a way into Sigourney Weaver’s Quarantine to save her. With the help of two sea lions, Fluke and Rudder and, their common Loon friend, Becky, they soon are able to find a way to the Marine Institute to find their friend Dory. GeralsDuring this time we are also introduced to another sea lion I’d like to mention named Gerald. He doesn’t have much of a part but every time his part comes on I just laugh! Around this time Dory ends up being able to remember how she gets lost in the first place. While Dory is lost in the pipe system, she reunites with Nemo and Marlin. All of them go back to Quarantine to find that Dory’s Parents had actually escaped the institute into the ocean in hopes of finding Dory a long long time ago! All three of them are almost shipped to the permanent aquarium. Unfortunately, Hank was unable to save Nemo and Marlin Dory and OTtersin time and end up on the truck to Cleveland but, they cause some sort of big road incident and then truck opens and all the fish including Nemo and Marlin return home to the Ocean with Dory and her family as well as her newly reunited friends. They return to the barrier reef where Marlin and Nemo’s home and school are! Dory and her family return along with her friends!

Remembery Loss

That’s more or less the gist of what happens in the movie without going too much into detail. I loved this movie so much and I’m so glad we went to see it! For those of you who have already seen the movie what was your favorite part? Which new character did you love the best? My entire weekend was so amazing. The relaxing hotel room, the beautiful view, the movie, the food but, most of all who I spent my weekend with! I’m the luckiest woman in the world. He makes me feel like a Queen. I can’t wait until we go on another vacation. Like I mentioned earlier I do have a lot going on right now so please forgive me for taking my time between posts. Like I said I am going to try and do monthly posts of some of the significant things that have happened in our lives. Sometimes it can just get so hard to even focus on one task at a time when I have what feels like 500 different tasks I need to be working on all at once. I am definitely going to try and post more consistently again! That was the longest I ever want to be away from my blog! I also have not been active on any of my social media lately at all so I am trying to make it my goal to get back into the routine of posting, tweeting and putting pictures on Instagram. Also, I realize this post isn’t beauty related but I really wanted to post about something and I had said I wanted to post about the movie for awhile and just haven’t been able to focus on it. Thank you so much, everyone, for reading my post and checking in to see how I have been! I hope to have another post up for everyone soon! I hope everyone else enjoyed the movie!








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