My Second Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Experience

Hello, Everyone!!! Welcome back, It’s Little Miss Bliss here and I’m sorry this post is soo late but, I have had so much going on lately. So, for those of you just checking in now a recap on what this post is going to be about: My Trip to the Hospital for and Endoscopy & Colonoscopy and, my Surgery Recovery. Even though it is hella late, here I am now and I’m all ready to tell you all about it! A big thank you to everyone that reached out and, helped make the procedure go smoothly for me!

The Morning Of

On the morning of my procedure, I still had a few things to do like, I had to do anoExtremely Swollen Abdomenther dosage of the Bowel Cleanse Treatment and, I had to get a bag ready to bring with me to the hospital. Everything had to be ready to go at 7am! I wasn’t able to sleep that night so I only ended up taking a nap around 2 in the morning. I woke up at 330 and prepared the second drink. Drinking it the first time was unbearable by the end. It took everything inside of me and, my Boyfriend cheering me on to be able to finish the drink! During both of the procedures, I had gotten so bloated I looked pregnant, It hurt a lot and was really uncomfortable, it was as if my stomach had doubles maybe even tripled in its normal size. However, I knew the bloating was a side effect so I tried not to let it bug me that much! At 7am we headed down to the car! The first time I had this procedure done I bussed to the hospital so being able to drive to the hospital the second time around was not only a lot more comfortable but it relieved a lot of stress and anxiety I experienced the first time.

At the Hospital

We had gotten to the hospital with just enough time for me to make it to the bathroom! After finishing up in there we headed up to the fourth floor where they would be doing the procedure. Checking in, they did the usual protocol where they check and see what parts of my information has changed, If I have been hospitalized overnight within the last year, etc. That went by quick and before I knew it my Boyfriend and I had been called into the procedure preparation area. They handed me a robe and gown and gave me the instructions on how it was to be worn, I changed and went to go sit down. We were called into another little room where a nurse checked my vitals, weight, double checked that I completed the pre-procedure cleanse properly and put the IV Catheter in my arm. It didn’t take the nurse any time at all before it was in and she was shooting saline into my bloodstream. She told me “tell me when you feel it on your shoulder” and, I remember being able to taste the saline in the back of my throat before I felt it in my arm at all. Suddenly, I felt it shoot up my arm and into my shoulder, It was sharp and cold, startling, my arm had jerked and I said to her “stop! I feel it” she quickly finished up and told us we could leave.

My boyfriend is the most amazing and caring Man I have ever met and, this was the first time he has seen this happen to someone. He didn’t really know what was going on and it was happening really fast at that point. So, when I had gotten out of the chair to leave, by the time I turned he had fainted! Luckily, the nurse was able to catch him and help him into the chair. She told me that she needed more help from another person so I grabbed the nearest nurse just past this set of doors. When we got back I started talking to him to see how he was feeling, I grabbed a paper towel and wet it with cold water and started wiping his forehead, because he was beet red in the face, I could tell he was overheating still. I talked to him to help calm him down and since I knew he hadn’t eaten this morning I asked the nurse to get him a little something to eat or drink high in sugar to hold him off until he could get some food into him. The nurses were so helpful, they had to take him to another area on a stretcher where they gave him some snacks and made sure it was safe for him to leave. I was really worried for him the entire time. I’m very grateful I trust that hospital as much as I do, one nurse pointed out to me how lucky I am to have a boyfriend who cares so much about me and she is so very right! I’m the luckiest girl in the World to have him by my side ❤ I made sure he had grabbed his cellphone before the nurse brought him to the other area. He still didn’t really know much about what happened so I texted him as much as I could before it was time for me to go into the procedure room. I missed him so much already 😦 but, I knew I’d be waking up to him after my procedure was done and knowing he would be there was an amazing feeling!

After I was in the procedure room with the second nurse I texted him one last time to let him know how much I loved him and that I couldn’t wait to see him when I woke up after, I turned my phone off and put it in my bag underneath the bed. I started talking a little bit with the nurse about my most common symptoms & how the to cleanse treatment went while we waited for my Specialist to arrive. She prepped my throat with a numbing spray that tasted really really bad and was hard to swallow. You kind of have to leave it in the back of your throat for a minute or two as well before you follow it the first time, the whole thing became very challenging by the second time but again it was supposed to happen so I didn’t freak out. After the second dosage, the prop for my mouth was put on and they gave me the medicine that knocks you out. I’m glad to say that I only woke up once during the procedure and it was closer to the end of the procedure. I was able to see my insides on the camera but it wasn’t as alarming as it was the first time. Before I knew it I was waking up in the recovery area!


After my procedure was done I was taken to the recovery. When I woke up I called my boyfriend’s cell phone and he came in to get me! I was so happy to see him and so ready to go home! He carried my bag for me and helped me get comfy in the car! I snuggled up with my blanket and pillow and we were off! We made a stop on our way home to pick up some food because I was able to eat soon and I was STARVINGGG! We originally planned on getting Chinese food (one of my FAVESSS!) but when we got there they weren’t going to have anything ready for another 30minutes or so… So there was no way we were waiting. We switched to KFC and sunk our teeth into a chicken burger & fries with gravy when we got home! That filled us right up so we went to bed after. Sleeping felt amazing! I have a weird sleeping pattern though so, I was only able to grab about 4 hours of sleep before I woke up. After I woke up the first time I moved to our couch and made a bed out of that too. 🙂 I ended up dozing off here and there to some tv shows that I was trying to catch up on. I ended up getting quite a bit of rest over the next few days and it was very very nice. My throat took a few days before it started feeling better but that meant I got to eat a lot of Ice Cream & Freezies! I’m so thankful this time went so smoothly.

It’s relieving to know that the second one went much better than the first one. Having experienced the procedure more than once now, I would like to say from my own personal opinion, that going in with a positive mindset and attitude really do affect how well your entire experience is. Having a good relationship and sense of trust in your doctor helps a lot as well. Make sure you go in confident and calm If you ever need one. Thank you to everyone who took their time to help make this day go smoothly for me. Thank you to everyone at the hospital and my doctor for performing the procedure. Crohn’s disease is very common and not always seen right away it took them 10 years to diagnose mine. If anyone has any other questions they would like to ask don’t be afraid, feel free to ask! Don’t forget to check out how I prepared for the Procedure! Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to see how my procedure went! I hope you enjoyed hearing how my boyfriend & I made the hospitals list of memorable couples ❤ Have a great day everyone!!!


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