I mix my chocolate milk!!!

imageHello, everyone! I am up and a little bit mobile after my procedure this morning! It was a wild morning and I will have some posts about it coming soon!

One of the things I have been using to help sooth my sore throat after the procedure has been chocolate milk! Not only is it healthy and delicious… Who could say no to chocolate milk!!! However, chocolate milk is really heavy on my stomach which means I have a problem digesting it a trick I do so I can still enjoy chocolate milk is: I mix a little bit of regular milk into my chocolate milk. Not too much that the milk goes really light but, just enough that it is not as thick! I also weirdly enough like to add an ice-cube to my milk. Even a glass of regular milk! I find that it keeps it colder longer!

A weird little post I know, but thank you for everyone that tunes in and enjoys this trick! If you have any other tips feel free to leave them in the comments! I always love trying new things! Thanks for tuning in everyone!!!


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