My Secret Tips to help ease Period Cramps

Hey, guys! So inspired by a visit from my Aunt Flo, I’ve decided to write about every girl’s least favorite time of the month, PERIODS……….

So currently since it is so painful I have been trying to find some new ways to ease the pain as some of my older methods are no longer at my fingertips or even work for me.

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Did you know that Menstrual cramps are actually caused because your uterus is experiencing something called a “Uterine Contraction” which, is the physical act of your uterus tightening and relaxing? This pushes the blood out of the body. The intensity level of these contractions is related to a special chemical our body released from the lining called “Prostaglandins” (a cyclic fatty acid compound.)

There are three general different kinds of cramps women can experience and its common for women to experience NONE at all. (Lucky Chicks!) There is Discomfort, Intense Pain, and Pain that Spreads. I luckily (rolls eyes) experience Pain that Spreads most often with Intense Pain mixed in there with it. A recap on the differences? Discomfort is the level of pain in which once you notice that it’s actually just a period cramp it no longer bothers you. Intense pain is the pain and discomfort that is sharp, stabbing, it will make you curl up and cry. Pain that Spreads is the worst of them. It includes the symptoms of all the lower two categories while having some stomach flu-like symptoms as well. This period pain is in the uterus but also the lower back, lower abdomen and, legs as well. Stomach flu symptoms commonly experieChainsaw in Uterusnced are weird bowel movements, nausea, vomiting, & dizziness. I usually get cramps that start in my uterus with pain in my lower abdomen & lower back. This pain by the end of the first day has usually made its way down to my knees so this means my thy and my bum hurts as well the bones and the muscles feel uncomfortable. By the second day, my entire lower half of my body hurts and is barely moveable. The cramps are so intense it literally feels like Freddy Kruger is in there slicing away.
Not many things have ever worked for me when it comes to relieving my period pain. When I was younger I was put on oral contraceptives to help relieve the pain. One did end up working for a little while but ended up not working anymore. Currently, I’m not taking any pills for pain relief or contraceptive purposes because it just stopped working for me. I’m currently waiting to see a gynecologist! In the meantime, I have come up with a list things that have been suggested that I have tried. Not all of them were successful for me but everyone’s body is different so what didn’t work for me might still work for you!

Some people find great relief in some pain relief pills like Tylenol or Advil. There even some pills specially intended for period pain like “Pamprin” and “Midol” unfortunately these have NEVER worked for me. Some people have been able to find relief in some soothing teas but I haven’t been that lucky! Also, massaging was supposed to help with cramps but has never worked for me.

The biggest thing that worked for me the longest was taking an oral contraceptive, I had been taking one for literally years before they stopped working for me altogether. I was able to find one that made my period literally perfect, a steady easy flow, with little to no pain or mood swings. I took them from the age 13 until just before I turned 20. Laying down with a hot water bottle and a heating pad helps ease my bodily pain as much as possible. The less I am moving the least amount of pain I feel. Sometimes depending on where I’m at in my cycle, I am able to find some relief in mild exercise and yoga. Another thing I find that works is the big O or some sexual activity Shocking!!! but Amazing!!! It helps the uterus release blood in a less painful, more stimulating way. Don’t knock it until you try it! Oddly enough I have learned that drinking a glass of milk can help reduce your period cramps and in case you’re wondering like I am it has something to do with the calcium! Weird! (I stumbled upon this fact as I was writing this while drinking a glass of milk and having my cramps slowly subsiding a bit I’ll post another article soon to tell you guys exactly how accurate it is!) Last but not least another thing that helps me a lot and this goes hand in hand with lounging around with my heating pad is, dressing comfy. Wearing loose clothing that’s easy to move around in and isn’t compressing all the painful areas is ideal.

Thoughts on Period

I am always looking for new tips and tricks and I’m sure Il be able to think of a few more after I pop this post out! (just thinking now how useful banana’s can be.) However, there’s always more to come from little ole’ me! If you guys enjoyed this post please feel free to like and share it with your friends! If anyone has any questions about periods, period pains, pain relief methods and theories feel free to ask. Anyone who has tried other remedies and tricks to help please feel free to share! Thank you all for reading!


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