GMO Food Industry!

Fruits & Veggies

This post is a response to  discussion board for a College class.

It was titled: “GMO: The Good, The Bad,  The Ugly.” We were suppose to do some research on genetically modified organisms and look at both the pros and cons to Genetically Modifying your food. I personally thought that the consequences this could have were far greater than the positive outcomes anticipated. Continue reading

Garnier Brand Banner

Micellar Water!?! New HOLY GRAIL Product!

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water


So the most recent addition to my skin care collection is the Garnier Micellar Water with the Blue cap to be exact! The first time I used this to remove my makeup I fell in L-O-V-E, love. It was the best thing I had ever used on my face not only to remove makeup but, then afterwards the “cleasning” part of this “Micellar Water” allowed me to fall asleep with it still on my face without causing breakouts. Perfect after a long day that I don’t have the time and energy to carry out my full routine. Continue reading

Cuccio Naturale Body Butter Review

Cuccio Naturale

Butter Blend: Milk & Honey

Tonight I’m taking the time to review a moisturizer that I don’t remember how I got my hands on. It is a sample size So I’m guessing it came from one of the Beauty Expo’s I have been to. When it comes to this product I love the moisturizer itself, I find it super nourishing and it spreads effortlessly. Continue reading

Glazed Apple Candle Review!

Picture of Rachel holding the Green Apple Candle Package.

Glazed Apple Candle, The Body Shop

So I am a person who is OBSESSED with candles! I love smelling them in the stores, I love lighting them all around my apartment, I love the feeling that having a lit candle just brings to a room. There is a few pros and cons to this candle from The Body Shop though. What I loved about this candle was the outside packaging, It came in a cute little box with a little bow on top! The Candle itself was in just a regular jar that kind of looked like a drinking glass. ( I almost thought It was a glass of milk one day!) I really expected something fancier. The candle did smell very good it smelled exactly like green apples but it actually burned really weird and sort of burned a little tunnel almost while the rest of the candle wax had been stuck to the sides. I ended up lighting it maybe 3-5 times in total before I decided I would rather not deal with it anymore and I removed the wax from the glass jar. Continue reading