NYC BB Creme Instant Matte

BB Creme

Hey guys so, for today’s post I wanted to talk about the NYC BB creme. I’ve almost gone through this whole product so I think its about time I get a review out! The product by NYC has been talked about by so many different beauty professionals for both good and bad reasons so I decided to give it my take. BB Creams generally have a few key benefits to them that make them a big thing in the beauty world! Benefits they usually come with are sun protection, moisturizing agents as well as whitening, supplying your skin with nutrients and anti-oxidants which reduce the speed of aging and prevents breakouts. An all around joy to use on your skin!

Things the product claimed to do were:

  • Perfect and instant matte finish
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores lines
  • Beautifies & smooths skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Brightens the skin tone for a perfect & flawless finish
  • Dermatologist tested

I thought It lived up to a few of its claims, it made my skin look smoother and definitely brighter, I think this was too bright for my skin tone. I also found that it did make my pores and lines look smaller, however, I don’t believe it has the  perfect/instant matte finish it claims and it doesn’t do the best job of minimizing skin imperfections as the coverage is very light.

1,2,3 BB Creme

0 Layers / 1 Layer / 3 Layers

The things I liked about this product are its cost effective, has a light feeling on you skin, light consistency, and the light coverage. I believe I paid about $5 for this at my local drugstore so its a product that doesn’t hurt your bank account, you get a decent amount of product as well. The packaging is just as cheap, it comes in a harder than average, plastic squirt tube so it will be hard to get all of the product out when I get to the end of it. The product itself is nice. It feels really light on your skin and I didn’t notice an increase in breakouts or any other skin problems. The creamy consistency is almost like a mousse that’s a little on the liquidy side. When I say light coverage I really mean light coverage… I feel like you could apply 3+ coats and still have little coverage. This BB Creme in particular, doesn’t accentuate anything for me but it isn’t the worst in the world and doesn’t feel terrible on my skin. I get most of my use out of this product using it as a base.

Some Reasons I disliked this product was the cheap packaging, this product only comes in 2 shades (as far as I know) I don’t feel like it gives me an instant matte, or matte feeling at all. I’m pretty sure this product also has glitter in it which I don’t like too much since this product has such light coverage. I don’t like how light the coverage is. Even though its only a BB creme I was still expecting a bit more from the product, I feel like by the third coat I still had less coverage than the average BB Creme. I find this product also doesn’t apply evenly. I usually end up applying it with my fingers and working it in as if it were a tinted moisturizer.


3 Coats

After 3 Coats


I have read a lot of articles on the product and they talk about this product having an SPF advertised on it and that got me sort of confused so I wanted to double check that and there is no SPF advertised on my tube.! Other than that another point about this product is its more or less scentless or has a very dim makeup / sterile scent. It isn’t a product I absolutely fell in love with which sucks… I’m still waiting on that perfect BB Creme. If anyone had a worse or better experience please leave a comment! I know products work differently with different skin types!


What did you think?

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