Herbal Essences naked Dry Shampoo

Hey everyone, for this post I wanted to talk about the Herbal Essences “naked” line Dry Shampoo! I’ll have to admit I was not really impressed with this product at all which sucks. When I pull for a dry shampoo I use it on days when my hair is really flat or looks a little more oily than normal; as the products intended for. I got maybe 3/4 uses out of this product before coming to a conclusion.

Naked Dry Shampoo

Some of you might be asking why only a few uses. Well, the package was kinda crappy and probably just for my specific product only. I’m guessing this because it’s a pretty nice design like the rest of the products usually are but the plastic nozzle broke on me super quick for some reason which sucks because it didn’t give me too long to play around with the product. Bummer. On the bright side I was quick in observing this products abilities. The actual product itself though was not what I had expected from a dry shampoo. I found that this product didn’t give me a lot of volume, It made my hair look like it had a coating of something white on it which, didn’t even look natural. The product made it look and feel even heavier than before, super uncomfortable. It didn’t smell the greatest either. I’m not a fan of the scent the used for the naked line. I believe its grapefruit and mint, others might like it but the scent is just not for me!

If you have used this product before and you have been able to use more of this product than I have, leave a comment below. I think it also might have been my hair type too as to why this wasn’t a successful product for me but, it might be successful for someone else!


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