#JUSTDON’T Say this to me…

But you don't look sick

You don’t look sick…

One of the things that’s bugged me ever so much throughout the years and this isn’t just with Crohn’s Disease but with all Disabilities, Is the preconceived notion that some people think you need to physically look sick to have some sort of disability.

Disabilities are not at all just a visible impairments. Someone with Crohn’s disease is not going to look sick to the average person but, you can’t see inside their bowels and know the uncomfortable pain they get uncontrollably, feel how sore and stiff their joints are or hear the thoughts running through their brain a million miles and even more that the person, in particular, could be struggling with that day. You have no clue how much strength it took to get them out of their house, even their BED that day! They can’t even live the same normal daily life as you. Most of us need to follow a strict routine and skipping even just a step is not in the cards.

So we don’t look sick to you, and you didn’t look like an ignorant prick to us either until you made you biased judgments.




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