Cuccio Naturale Body Butter Review

Cuccio Naturale

Butter Blend: Milk & Honey

Tonight I’m taking the time to review a moisturizer that I don’t remember how I got my hands on. It is a sample size So I’m guessing it came from one of the Beauty Expo’s I have been to. When it comes to this product I love the moisturizer itself, I find it super nourishing and it spreads effortlessly. This moisturizer really lives up to its advertised “Butter” consistency. Unfortunately because I only had a sample size product it was hard for me to get most of the product out after the first few times I used it. While I love this products nourishing effects and think this would be a great moisturizer to use for a Hand Treatment the “Milk & Honey” scent wasn’t for me. When I first tried to smell this, I couldn’t really pick up a strong scent. Although, when I rubbed it into my skin I was able to pick up a little bit of a scent. It didn’t smell bad but it didn’t smell great to me. And it seems that if you use it a few times over a few times in couple of hours than your hands start to smell stronger and stronger. (This wouldn’t be a problem for someone who liked the scent.) This is such a good moisturizer that in the future I would probably buy it again but I wouldn’t get it in the same scent.


A few of the scents they have that sound appealing to me are :

  • Papaya & Guava
  • Vanilla Bean Sugar
  • Lemon grass & lavender
  • Tuscan Citrus & Herb
  • pomegranate & Fig

What did you think?

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