BellaPierre Cosmetics

Bella Pierre Cosmetics
Lipstick: P.I.N.K

So whats the deal? I was sent this product through IPSY which I no longer receive. I must say I’m currently adoring this lipstick! This is a lipstick I would purchase again and, tell all of my friends to purchase it too! If you’re in the market for a lipstick that goes on smoothly, is long-lasting, and is good for your lips at the same time this might just be a product you need to try! This line of lipsticks is a Mineral Based Lipstick which means it contains no Lead, Lanolin, and Parabens! (TOXINS) This Lipstick is super nourishing and glides on with a silky but buttery texture meanwhile depositing Vitamins C + E to your lips as well!. It’s also made with natural pigments which help protect your lips from the suns UV Rays. The packaging was really nice looking as well! I liked the added texture design but it is plastic and breaks after Two or Three falls. The shade “P.I.N.K.” Is so sweet! It’s literally a nice sheer pink. It goes on really well  It smells really good as well! I could literally sit here and smell it for hours. Love, Love, Love this!



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